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Accountability - Tuesday

So after getting home at 4:30 am on Monday, and being to work for 9, I got home last night from errands, some plans, etc and just CRASHED, didn't wake up until almost late for work today... SO... no workout yet today, gotta do something tonight!

My question for you ladies today is when Aunt Flo is visiting and you're uber crampy, what do you do exercise wise? Are there certain exercises you find easier?

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Re: Accountability - Tuesday

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    I haven't worked out yet today.  I have a ton of homework tonight, so I'm not sure it's going to happen today.

    As far as your question, I don't ever really get upber crampy,  so I don't really have any suggestions.

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    I didn't go to the gym yesterday because I forgot my sneakers, and then had to deal with some drama when I got home (apparently Miami can't manage to process payments for stupid break light tickets, and so they charge late fees, except their mail system sucks so I never got the forwarded letter notifying me of a late fee on the ticket I paid on time, so now they're assessing what amounts to $95 of late fees on a $109 ticket and suspending my license... yeah.... as far as I'm concerned, Miami can sink into the ocean)... anyway, so I was otherwise occupied last night and ended up drinking a bottle of wine and stress eating some chocolate.

    Today I ate an egg white omelet for breakfast, had a Zone power bar for snack, ate a turkey burger on lettuce (no bun) for lunch, and will be going to the gym for about 2 hours tonight before I eat some grilled fish and asparagus.  I WILL lose 10 pounds!



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    I totally derailed on the diet band-wagon for a couple weeks, which is a totaly MISTAKE since the wedding is in like 2 months!  However, this week starts a new commitment to the diet and so far so good.  I am well under on calories and FI and I went to the gym tonight (we have to go at 10:00pm because our complex has 3 treadmillls for 1500 people!).

    So far, so good!  I know Saturday will be bad (my Bachelorette) but I have no excuses for the next two months.  NO EXCUSES!
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