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XP: I finally got pro pics back!

So I have a ton of pictures.  These are some of my absolute favorite ones.  So far, I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of photos I've seen.  We had over 1000 to choose from, and most of them are fantastic!

My dress

Trying my veil on.  Love this pic.

Putting on my shoes.

All of us girls had Mrs. sweaters.  It's also a great shot of everyone's hairstyles.

What is this?

My dad and ring bearer came in the hotel room while we were getting ready cause he forgot something.  The photog snapped this quick adorable picture.

Right before the first look.

I love this perspective.  Shows all the fall colors in the distance.

Pinning the boutonniere.  Great pic of my hair.

I was just sitting and waiting, and the assistant told me to smile and got this shot.

Walking down a path.

Good pic of my bouquet and my sister's.

I love this pic cause I look super skinny.  ;)

Shows the detail of my dress, and it's cute.

This one is just a really cool pic, and it shows the courthouse.


The kids were both being REALLY stubborn and crying, so Alix got creative and this awesome picture happened.

Marriage?  Thumbs up!

Charlie's Angel's shot.  We have one from each of our weddings.

Vows.  He apparently liked mine.

Kiss me!

First kiss.

My parents' special dance dedicated to them because it was their anniversary.  We danced up there just the 4 of us.

Cotton Eyed Joe!


Waiting for the dollar dance.

Bouquet toss.

Garter toss.  Looks like they really got into it.

A bunch of the couples dancing during the anniversary dance.  I have no idea how he got the overhead perspective cause I don't remember seeing a ladder.  I think this was all the couples married longer than 15 years.

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