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September 2012 Weddings

Have you assembled your wedding binder or have you purchased one?

Hi guys! 

So I was wondering if anyone has started assembling your wedding binder or if you guys purchased a pre-assembled one. I've been looking at different sites and seeing what free wedding worksheets they have and believe it or not I've found some pretty good ones. I was thinking about making my own and perhaps buying a three-ring binder and just organizing stuff in that since the binders I've seen don't some stuff that the other ones have. Just wondering what you guys have done and if so what things have you guys found. If anyone is interested in the sheets I've found out there just either message me on here or email me and I'll share it. 
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Re: Have you assembled your wedding binder or have you purchased one?

  • Funny you post this question. I was just laughing at myself thinking I was too far ahead working on this already. I actually have finished organizing my binder and started creating a database template to electronically store all the info so that I can take it around with me. I just used a really good reinforced three ring binder that I happened to find while school shopping with my kids this year. It actually matches our wedding colors and theme so I just added some color coded sheet protectors and matching tabs. I plan to print off the pages that I want to add but this way it seems so much easier for me to customize with our specifics over the ones I’ve seen.

  • I have my binder and I feel so organized with it. I have all my contracts, and my wedding day time line, my guest list etc in there.. I dont think its too early.
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  • I bought mine and have started getting things in order already.  It's nice to be organized already! 
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  • I found the cutest one MONTHS ago.  Then I went to a bridal show, just to get a look see and then to a bridal shop.  Lost it somehow.  Months later we did our site visit to our venue location where they gave a very nice one.  Went back to the bridal shop and they told me they had it all the time, they just didn't know who it belonged to and ended up tossing it. But at least I got another one, ckock full of stuff.
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    I agree, post these templates you speak of! I would love to see them. I've got a notebook with scribbles and info in it and a folder with some pictures from magazines in it, and a flash drive FILLED with pictures from online, but I haven't really organized it into anything cohesive. But when I do get my act together, I will make my own, because I know I'll end up customizing a ready made one anyway, so I may as well save the money.
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  • I have a thick 3-ring binder with about 20 tabbed dividers.  I love it - even though it has only been used for the last two weeks (since we got engaged)!  Will probably end up making a coordinating cover to go in the front...because I am a craftygeek like that  :)

    So excited to see lots of other Sept '12  brides out there as excited as I am  <3
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