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Anyone else don't have father to walk them down aisle?

My mom won't be there either. Just wondering what u guys have planned. Not sure if I could just go it alone, how weird would that be?

Re: Anyone else don't have father to walk them down aisle?

  • I'm having both my parents walk me down the aisle, but it's all about what you're most comfortable with.  You can ask a brother, a grandfather, an uncle, a friend - you can also ask a female relative or friend.  Or you can walk down alone.  More and more women are walking alone because they don't want to be 'given away' by anyone - they feel they're adults and that they are independent.  It's all about what you want!



  • Thanks, that makes me feel better knowing that other women do walk alone. I didn't know if that would be too weird or anything
  • Honestly, I think I'd prefer to walk down alone, but it would hurt my Dad's feelings, so I'm having both my parents walk me and then sit - not hand me off.  So I don't think it will be weird or anyone will look at it oddly.  Just stand tall, hold your bouquet with both hands, and try to walk - not run - slowly to your groom with a big ol' smile on your face!



  • I'm having my dad walk me because it's important to him, but honestly I'd be fine walking down by myself. I'm not my dad's property to be given away, so I won't be including that wording. And besides, everyone is so busy oooooing and ahhhhing over you that they might not even notice that you aren't escorted.  
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  • jacquiroxxjacquiroxx member
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    I have a father, but we haven't had any kind of relationship since I was 12.  I have a step-dad, but I don't want him to walk me down the aisle (even though he's basically my dad) because I have an amazing relationship with my mum.  She is walking me down the aisle.  The other day she suggested that she walk me halfway and then let me walk alone the rest of the way.  I asked her why and she told me that it was because that's who I've always been: I only need her to hold my hand for a little while, and then I want to be independent and go it alone.  So she's walking me halfway- and we're holding hands- and then she's gonna let me walk the rest of the way myself.

    If I didn't have a great relationship with my mum, I'd definitely either walk it alone or ask my brothers to walk me.

    I'd also consider my MOH.  I remember how very hard it was for me to give her away- I cried like a baby on her wedding day hahaha- and I think if I had no one else, she's the one I'd want by my side.
  • My father passed away unexpectedly two years ago, and I was a Daddy's girl through and through.  Given that it was a very hard decision to figure out what to do about walking down the aisle.  I feel as if no one can replace him, so I don't want anyone else to walk me down the aisle.  Due to this I am walking a portion of the way down by myself.  Then I am stopping and my fiance will walk down to meet me.  I like this idea because no one is replacing my father and it is more a way to show that my FI is 'meeting me in the middle' and he is there to support me in any way I need. 

  • I'm walking solo down the aisle.  

    For me, it was partially a stubborn/independence/feminist thing (I belong to no one and make my own choices.), but mostly it was that my father and I are not close and I don't feel like he has 'earned' that right.

    I could have chose to have my mother or someone else walk me down the aisle, but for me it made the most sense to walk down the aisle alone.  Well, not alone, but surrounded by the people I love.  

    Because I deflect EVERYTHING with humor, I told my father that I was walking down the aisle: 1. because no one was selling me or trading goats or chickens for my 'hand' and 2. Nobody walked Maria down the aisle in the Sound of Music.

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  • I don't have a father to walk me down the aile either.  I was origanally going to have my Grandfather walk me down the aile but he passed away 2 years ago so obiously I can't have him do it now either.  So I am having my mom and my Grandma walk me down the aile.
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  • I definitely dont think there is anything wrong with walking alone.  Hold your head up high and strut yourself down the aisle! :)
  • I'm having my daughter walk me down the aisle. My father and I have had an on and off relationship though the years. My mom is in a new marriage and i do look at him as my father. But if my grandfather was alive, i would select him to walk me down the aisle.

    In his absence, and me having a child from a previous relationship, the only logical person to walk me down the aisle was the one person in my life who means the world to me through anything. My 7 year old daugther. She is not "giving me away" she is joining us in family.
  • My dad passed away 10 years ago. My baby brother is walking me down the aisle :)
  • I don't have a relationship with my Dad, so I decided to honor my mom and let her walk me down the aisle and have my Dad dance with my stepdad.  My mom go re-married like 15 years ago and since she had no parents, she walked down the aisle alone.  No one thought it was weird at all...It's your day, walk however you feel comfortable!!! :)  It's nice seeing i'm not the only one who is going the untraditional route to walking down the aisle :)
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  • jacquiroxx your response moved me! 

    Thank you SO much for your insight everyone! You all have so many beautiful responses, each so meaningful and you all so many great ideas, I have a  lot of options I didn't know I had before! I'll have to let you know what I come up with
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