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Is anyone going to write their own or use non-traditional vows?
My other half and I are considering non-traditional vows, though we aren't totally adverse to writing our own. Has anyone found any ideas on websites or heard any sweet ones recently?

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    calindicalindi member
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    We bought a book on planning our own ceremony.  We're having a completely customized secular ceremony, so we don't really have any guidelines that we have to follow.  I think we're going to keep a fairly traditional format, but make the words very personalized (and no mention of religion at all - we're both agnostic so it doesn't feel appropriate). 

    We haven't started planning it out yet, but I think we're going to add the words "near or far" into our vows, as my FI is in the Marines and we'll undoubtedly be separated for periods of our marriage.



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    In Response to Re: Vows:
    [QUOTE(and no mention of religion at all - we're both agnostic so it doesn't feel appropriate). [/QUOTE]

    The exact reason we're considering our own. Our officiant knows how we feel on this subject and is set to go with whatever ceremony plans we decide on.
    I like the "Near or far" line. Very cute.
    I guess I need to take another look through the planning book I have and the one I chose not to buy... Thanks!
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