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Accountability - Wednesday

Well Tuesdays are usually my night off, so not surprisingly I didn't do much last night except that challenge (that I can sneek in between work and my meeting lol)
Anyone else start the challenge with me (see yesterday's accountability thread if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I have tonight off entirely, so going to pull out P90X because I want to get started on that again, and a night when I have the house to myself is the perfect night to get that started! Anyone else do P90X? I love it, however my dog killed my abs disc and I can't justify paying for the whole thing again for one disc :( The great news is since changing when I take my allergy pills I no longer am having trouble in the mornings! Yay!

Today's inspiration picture:

Re: Accountability - Wednesday

  • Yay for you with P90X!  I love the inspiration picture today!  How can I look like that before my wedding!!  I ate okay yesterday, but have gymmed two days in a row and been entering my food for 100 days on MFP.  Yay!  Now if only I had been within my calorie goal for that period of time. :-)
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  • Baby steps! Entering it in MFP is a great first step, because you're acknowledging your calories. Now to work at bringing them into the range you're aiming for :)

  • I'm a dessert girl - I have dessert every night.. I just have to. When it starts getting warmer I want ice cream daily lol. So I bought some frozen greek yogurt pops (like a fudgecicle) which taste awesome and aren't quite as bad for me :P
    I've been having those to kill my craving and they are doing the trick (except the other night when FI took some homemade oatmeal choc chip cookies out of the freezer!!).
    I'm seeing mad results from incorporating 2 JM kettle bell workouts into my weekely routine. I do 2 days of spin class, 2 days of JM ripped in 30 and 1 day of yoga as well. The variety is working well ;)

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  • I make frozen pops from blended fruit and water lol its the only way I can avoid the same craving lol
  • Britt, do you have the P90X app? I think it costs a few bucks but if you get it, you can download the Ab Ripper workout for free! It's not quite the same (you don't see all of the people) but it's still Tony and you'll see him and hear his voice giving you instructions. It's called a "guided workout."

    I was doing P90 for a while...I think I made it 60 days, but I got sick for a few days somewhere in there and fell off the wagon for a while. I am planning on doing it again as a side option from my normal workouts now (instead of doing it the full 6 days/week). I've found that variation is helpful to keep me motivated so I'm planning on doing that on days when I don't feel like or am tired of going to the gym!

    Today I have a free session with a personal trainer during lunch. I'm pretty excited about it. She's supposed to be giving me a workout plan and tips. :) Yesterday I just did cardio after work, but hey, it's better than nothing!
  • I haven't checked that out yet, I will have to look into it! Thanks for the heads up :)
  • I liked P90X. I would alternate running days and P90X days when I was in college.

    I swam yesterday and had an hour with the trainer on Monday. Even though it is that time of the month I am staving off the cravings etc. Tonight I have core, cardio and 30 minutes of upper body with the trainer. :D

    I need some sleep :(
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  • Third day of bootcamp.   She is kicking my assssssssss.  My entire body aches!!   I gotta keep at it though...   barely over 90 days left to try to shed a few pounds.
  • Things have been SO busy for me the past couple weeks that I haven't worked out in way too long.  I did, however cut sugar out of my diet and I've dropped about 6 lbs in the past 2 weeks.  Yay!  I feel so much better right now, and FI and I are heading to the gym tonight.

    Britt- I'm a huge P90X fan!  I haven't looked so good as when I was doing that consistently.  Tony kicks my butt!  When I first started, FI and I had a bet that if I did the whole 90 days in like 3 1/2 months (I had some days I could skip if needed), then I would get a new set of pots and pans.  I missed my goal by 2 days, so no new pots and pans (until the wedding, my parents already bought them for us).  I'm thinking maybe I should jump  back on the P90X wagon with a goal again.

    FI just got a new job so more $$, and I've bene trying to convince him to splurge on some lazer hair removal for me, so maybe that can be my workout incentive!

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