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update-sad news

So as some of you know my grandmother has been sick. On Thursday they admitted her to hospice and saturday afternoon she passed away. So now my grandfather is the only grandparent I have left that may be able to make the wedding. I know it was for the best b/c she was suffering from the cancer it was just hard to watch her in her sick bed and watch my grandfather know he was loosing his wife. 
Please pray for him and my family b/c at this point my grandfather says he does not want to go on since she is gone. So depending on what happens in the next few weeks will probably determine whether I have one grandparent or none at my wedding. 
My great aunt and uncle from MO are now planning on coming out to be surgate grandparents for the wedding (originally the were not coming) but my great aunts health isn't the best either so that concerns me that they would travel so far and to such a high altitude.  

Re: update-sad news

  • I am happy to talk if you ever need someone.  I lost my mother (and closest friend) 2 weeks ago to cancer and was by her bedside in hospice.  Her mother (my grandmother) has lost both of her children to cancer and sees no reason to carry on.  Sometimes the voice of someone who understands can be helpful.
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  • I'm so sorry for both your losses.  I hope you can find a way to include your loved ones in your thoughts on your wedding days without detracting from the joy of the event.



  • Praying for your family as you all face this. Its definitely not something easy to handle!
  • So sorry for your family. My great grandma (mom's grandma) passed away in the early 1980s and only about 6-8 months later my great grandfather passsed away of a broken heart. It still hurts my mom to think about it. It sounds like your family has a great support system to keep him going. I hope and pray for all the best with your family.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss :-(
  • So sorry for your loss.  It helps to know she isn't suffering anymore, but I know it is a difficult thing to go through.
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  • So sorry for your loss.  I will keep your family in my prayers.
  • I'm really sorry for your loss.  I lost my grandma to cancer on mothers day and she was the only grandparent left between me and my FI.  It definitely sucks, but she is no longer in pain now...
  • I'm so sorry for your loss.
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  • Keeping you all in my thoughts!
  • So sorry to hear about your lost. Keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
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  • Love, prayers and good thoughts.

    PS- I know people will say this over and over, but they will be there in spirit.  I don't like telling people how to feel, but in my experience I sure as heck know that there's no way anything would stop my grandparents from coming to our wedding in spirit!  As they've all passed away, I know that I'm going to have their love with me now and see in myself:

    My one grandmother's wicked wit and fantastic comebacks.
    My other grandmother's compassion.
    My other grandfather's storytelling talents and so much more!
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  • You are in my thoughts and prayers. Cha
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  • I'm so sorry for both of your losses. I will keep you in my thoughts. It's so hard not to have all of our loved ones by our side on our wedding day. 
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