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Accountability - Friday

Its the end of the week ladies, that's worth celebrating! 
Who has made progress this week? 

I haven't done ANYTHING all week, been sick on the couch, yesterday was my first day back to work. Still feeling a little crummy today, but its a scheduled day off. Hoping to feel well enough by this afternoon/early evening to do a light workout and start getting back to that! 

A little something to remember while doing this, what you write here isn't the only way your dedication to this is being tracked ;)

Re: Accountability - Friday

  • Yesterday, I was almost to the weight I was when I was hit by the car in September.  Last night we went out for pizza, for my grandfathers 70th b-day.  All he wanted was a steak bomb.

    Needless to say, I had 3 slices of pizza, some fries, 1 mozzarella stick and 1 jalapeno popper.  Today I am up 5 pounds of water weight.  I was horrible with drinking all of my water this week.  So this weekend will be non-stop water to get rid of it by Monday.
  • ugh, i had a pretty bad week healthy wise too. Dan and i didn't go to the gym tuesday-thursday. i also didn't eat so great. i'm hoping to put in a lot of hours this weekend at the gym, and have a nice long session on monday because i have the day off. i also need to start eating better.
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  • If you had an off week this week, just aim for a better week next week ;) that's the joy of Friday, you'll be starting all over again with a brand new week soon :) 
  • BM- I like that pic :)  It's very true.

    I made a little bit of progress. My overall goals are to go to the gym more and eat healthier.  I did better on the food aspect but not amazing.  I need to try a lot harder to find healthier recipes.  I went to the gym a lot this week which was great so I'm doing OK with that.  
  • I went to kickboxing last night.  been eating okay. not great. gotta work on that. I feel great today after kboxing last night and wish they had a class tonight.  no class until monday :(   will try and go mon wed and thurs next week.
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  • This week (which is really the first week I've been on the healthy diet again) has gone really well- I've eaten sensibly everyday, worked out twice. I know I'm never going to be going to the gym everyday so I'm ok with just eating well and exercising 2-3 times week. I lost 2.5 lbs since last friday! I figure some of that has to be water... I don't feel any different!
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  • Sore and slightly out of breath, but the first workout back in the game after being sick is so satisfying :) 
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