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Where are you going on your bunnymoon?

My adorable little sis (who's 20 years my junior) called it a bunnymoon the other day and I thought it was too cute not to share.

Where are you going?
For how long?
How much does it cost?

I'm wracking my brain right now trying to decide between tropical/relaxing and europe/adventure. Help!

Re: Where are you going on your bunnymoon?

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    Where are you going? Secrets Maroma Beach - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    For how long? 6 nights, 7 days

    How much does it cost? a little over $3,000

    I knew I wanted tropical and after all my research, this resort was really the most amazing value and quality. I knew I wanted an all-inclusive so that I could lay my butt on a beach with endless cocktails but I also didnt want to stay at a place where the food was mediocre. This resort ended up being everything and more than I wanted!

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  • We are spending about 4 days in the Poconos right after the wedding and expect to spend about $1500. For our longer "honeymoon" we are going to Iceland in January to see the Northern Lights. We will be gone about a week and our budget is $8,000.
  • I have no answers yet, just want to say I can't wait to hear where you all are going! I am so indecisive about the honeymoon so I am looking for inspiration :-)
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  • We are going to Bavaria, Germany and Vienna, Austria for about 12 days. We haven't planned it yet, but we too struggled with Europe adventure vs caribbean paradise! I think our deciding factors were that we're both never been to Europe, we both love to party/go out/drink beer, and we can jet off to the caribbean almost any time (within budget reason of course) since it's closer and cheaper. For example, last December we went to Aruba and spent around $4,000 including meals, excursions, alchohol, everything but I think I went a little overboard and definitely could have done it for around $2,500-3000 for everything. They also have those Groupon and Living Social Deals ALL THE TIME for super cheap. We are also going to do a few days in a castle/spa in the bavarian mountains so that we get some "romantic" time :) 
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  • Haven't decided yet. I'm not sure how much of a budget we will have for it. :o( But we're considering Paris...
  • We haven't decided yet but it will definitely be more of an adventure trip. There won't be many other times we can justify spending a fair amount of money on a trip. We're also definitely not cruise or beach people. Right now the main options we're focusing on are Costa Rica, Alaska, and Netherlands/Belgium. I am planning on looking into this more and making a spreadsheet to compare airfare, hotel and daily expense costs. Yes, I am a bit of a dork. 

    We'll probably do 1-2 nights at a hotel in our general area right after the wedding and then do the honeymoon in the winter. FH doesn't get paid vacation so we have to break things up a bit and if we do go to Europe it will be cheaper. 
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  • I know that we're going to Cabo but know nothing about it... FI is planning it all with a close friend of ours who is a TA.
  • I love "bunnymoon"!! Thats so cute!!
    Like some of PPs said, we are also not 100% sure where we're going, mostly because of the budget. But we're looking at the Windjammer Landing in St Lucia. Its in the mountains but also has a great beach right there. My FI wanted to make sure that we went to a place where we didnt sit around on the beach all day (pretty much exactly what I plan on doing ;)...), so we decided on this particular place. Theres a lot of excursions with ziplining and hiking and jeep tours. I have suggested Europe a few times but FI isnt too excited about that... so Im thinking that we'll go with this place.
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  • we're going to hawaii for a week, but that's all that's been decided. we're not sure which island or anything yet. i'm hoping to keep the flight + hotel under $3500 ish. we have some free nights at a hyatt thanks to our reception being at a hyatt, but i'm not sure if we will get to use it or not, it all depends where we want to stay.

    i sort of feel like i should be doing more research on this, but it seems so overwhelming.
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  • We are going to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. I was looking for a small resort that is for adults only. I also wanted something that was away from the hussle and bussle of a big city. All inclusive is a must because I would go crazy trying to keep track of how much we spent on drinks/tips/dinners. We booked with and got a really dicounted rate. We are staying for 7 days in a one bedroom beachfront suite. We are only paying $3,400 and that is including the flight. I am super excited to be able to walk right out onto the beach.
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  • We're going to have to wait until 2013 because we won't have enough time off work -- particularly because we currently live in Kansas City but the wedding is in St. Louis so we have to take off a lot of time for the wedding itself (and we're going to Vieques in April for his uncles' wedding).

    But, we've decided to go to England -- we'll do 5 nights in London and then two in a small town outside of London. I'd initially thought Bath, but I think we want somewhere a little less hectic. There's a little town just 10 minutes by train to Bath called Bradford on Avon that has a B&B/pub which sounds just perfect!

    As far as cost, we've been saving up Starwood points (Westin, Sheraton, Le Meridien and St. Regis brands) through our American Express for years now. By the time we go will have enough points to pay for 5 nights at the Sheraton Park Lane and two round-trip tickets on American Airlines. His parents have already offered to cover the rest.

    We debated between Europe and Hawaii , but we'll get down there within a couple years I'm sure!
  • Where are you going? Sandals St. Lucia
    For how long? 7 nights 8 days
    How much does it cost? Approx $5500.00
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  • Love that! Bunnymoon :)

    Where are you going? Greece - 1 night Athens, 3 nights Naxos, 3 nights Mykonos, & 4 nights Santorini
    For how long? 12 days 11 nights
    How much does it cost? All things included it will be about $10k - Not sure where all that money is coming fro yet!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • We had been leaning towards St. Lucia, doing a package with 3 nights @ Ladera, and 3 nights at Sandals.  So you get peaceful mountains/ gorgeous views and fun beach /upbeat all in one, that was looking to be about $5,000 but he hadn't made any offical calls or pricing that was based off internet searches.  His best man and his wife went to Ladera on their honeymoon back in April and raved about it.

    MY dream would be somthing in the Sout Pacific (Tahiti, Fiji) or the Maldives i just want an overwater bungalo with the thatched roof and glass floor.... I girl can dream right?

    We have also been looking into Greece and Italy. Santorini and Almafi coast mainly.  I have to say I'm shocked that the prices are honestly more reasonable there than Caribean.  Airfaire seems to be pretty equal so if we do that its going to come down to meals, booze and shopping which is hard for me to budget.

    We pretty much have no idea where we'll end up and like man yof the PPS I'm not quite sure where the money is going to come from.  We need to pay of some more weddign stuff before we commit to the honeymoon.  ( I amsecretly hoping that perhaps the reason his family asn't offer any help with the weddign may be because they want to gift the honeymoon-no that I'm counting on it but theres a possibility) 
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  • Wow, all you guys are going to great places.

    Where are you going? Thinking of staying in the states.. maybe s.c mrtyle beach or charelston because we think we want to move there about 6 months after the wedding
    For how long? 7 to 9 days
    How much does it cost? Hopefully not alot LOL
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  • Where are you going?
    Vermont and New Hampshire!

    For how long?
    I'm not too sure yet, but hopefully over a week and closer to 2. :-)

    How much does it cost?
    I'm estimating between 3-4 thousand.
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  • We will be spending a week in Grand Cayman.  My parents are totally awesome and exchanged their time share so the hotel is free for us.  We are trying to use our miles for flights, that way we will only have to pay for all the fun things we will doing on our honeymoon.  So far, we are just saving up as much money as we can so we don't know a true cost yet.  I know that if we don't use miles, flights are currently $1150 for the two of us rount trip.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Where are you going on your bunnymoon?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Wow, all you guys are going to great places. Where are you going? Thinking of staying in the states.. maybe s.c mrtyle beach or charelston because we think we want to move there about 6 months after the wedding For how long? 7 to 9 days How much does it cost? Hopefully not alot LOL
    Posted by Mandy21161803[/QUOTE]

    <div>I definitely recommend Charelston. Don't go to Myrtle Beach. It's way overcrowded, over priced, and too commercial. You can't even go to the beach without a bunch of people around. Charleston has history, fun nightlife, shopping, fabulous restaraunts, great beaches. The Aquarium is so fun btw!</div><div>
    </div><div>Okay... anyways... lol FI and I are going to an AI. We're thinking about Mexico, but my manager at work said Belize is supposed to be beautiful. We don't really care about nightlife. I want to lounge on the beach with endless cocktails and FI wants to explore everywhere. =) Our budget for everything is about $2,500 which is totally do able. Another TA found some packages for us for less than that in Riviera Maya, but we couldn't pay the deposit when she wanted us to (2 days from when I spoke to her) and she just stopped talking to me. =P So I'm going to find someone local instead.</div><div>
    </div><div>Oh, and we're going for a week. We'll leave that Monday 9/24/12. That was important to us, too. We wanted to have Sunday to sleep in and chill, but leave fairly soon after the wedding.</div>
  • We do not have any plans as of yet.  We haven't budgeted for one.  My godmother offered FI and I, her house on Cape Cod.  Its a block away from the beach.  I love the Cape, so much because I'm drawn to the ocean, but we both hate going to the beach.  We don't like sand.  We would rather a pool.  Its free and has a kitchen, so it would be fun still.

    FI's parents said they would site with us after the new year to talk about this.  Originally, FI's mom told him they would give us $10,000, to use for whatever we wanted.  I never believe anything FI's mom says.  Now, FFIL, said they'll be funding a honeymoon.  There may be strings attached so I'm a little scared.  They know we want to go to Italy and Greece.  The problem is they are from Italy, and have said they were going for the last few years, and have been waiting.  We're not sure how we feel about honeymooning with the in-laws, but if its free, we cant complain.

    I'll be happy with anything!
  • wow these are some awesome ideas! 
    it's good to see that others are struggling with the same things. keep the ideas coming!

    and ladies going to the caribbean, have you gotten warnings from people about it being hurricane season? i heard that some places (costa rica, aruba) have less rainy weather than others. Thoughts?
  • My Fi's nickname for me is bunny:-)
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  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:a464c18c-2e4d-469b-8eae-3865079cb9cfDiscussion:a38758dc-4da1-4a39-8812-e03ec93aa1d5Post:63a798dc-9d30-415b-9d72-6c8809afe419">Re: Where are you going on your bunnymoon?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Where are you going? Secrets Maroma Beach - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico For how long? 6 nights, 7 days How much does it cost? a little over $3,000 I knew I wanted tropical and after all my research, this resort was really the most amazing value and quality. I knew I wanted an all-inclusive so that I could lay my butt on a beach with endless cocktails but I also didnt want to stay at a place where the food was mediocre. This resort ended up being everything and more than I wanted!
    Posted by courtchace7[/QUOTE]

    This is exactly where we are going. I think the total cost right now for us is around $3,500.
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  • I am so indecisive about this and have no definitive answers...

    FI and I have considered a Sandals resort, but they are so expensive...I'm happy to hear from courtchace about Secrets...that's another I've considered and it sounds like they are more reasonably priced.

    We also considered a week in Italy and a week in Greece. We know we want a long bunnymoonWink, we just don't know if we would like to go with the European experience and be traveling around the whole time, or the tropical experience and plant our butts on the beach with lots of cocktails and delicious food. 

    Either way, it's a win-win.
  • Not completely sure but a part will be a cruise to the Bahamas that fi's parents are funding. It's for 5 days 5 nights to the Bahamas and grand Turk. It's costing around $1400 not including flights and excursions we plan on doing. We may end up doing something else after but we'll see.
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  • We are going to Italy, Sicily for 2-3 weeks. We are planning to spend 3-4K. We will adjust the budget once we have the wedding details and cost finalized. 
    Wedding is in Hungary and we will travel there too. 
  • Australia for 1 week booked for sure, using our timeshare, then 3 nights in Sydney, and about 5 nights in Fiji, flight alone is about $1800 each, I think Fiji will be another $1500.  Havent quite ironed out everything. Hoping to get a good Tax return to pay for part it  and trying to pick up extra hours at work
    This is gonna be our BIG trip, then we're gonna be trying to have a baby so were kinda going all out. Lol.
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  • FI and I are going to Germany for two weeks.
    I've been before but he hasn't, and he loves beer so he is super excited for that!
    He is in charge of planning it- I think our final costs will be somewhere around 10k. A lot, I know, but it's important to us and we are definitely making this a priority.
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  • We are spending three days in Moorea and five in Bora Bora!! In Bora Bora we have an overwater bungalow!!!! It's a dream of mine and I can't wait!!
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  • We booked a 7 night caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. We are stopping in the Bahamas, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas (going to take a boat over to St. John while we are there.) With air fare we are paying about $3,000.

    We wanted to be able to go away for a week for our HM and still have some $$ to be able to take other spontaneous trips throughout the year.
  • We would like to take a cruise on the oasis or allure of the seas, eastern carribean, we've done the whole western carribean already.  I am waiting though until after the wedding to book to see how much money we have left, I don't want to strap myself down trying to pay for a trip while paying for a wedding :)
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