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Wedding Theme?

Have you thought of what yours will be?  How did you figure it out if you did?  What is your theme?
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Re: Wedding Theme?

  • We're doing a contemporary feel with vintage inspiration. We're doing lemons/limes!
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    Orginally I wanted the focus to be "party-like" but as time is moving along I am thinking I want a more romantic and refined themed, I included a picture as a visual

  • I like that......very elegant.
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  • we are doing a vintage/modern feel with butterfly accents and all round things.  circular pattern and a butterfly on the invite, pomander balls, butterfly escort cards, etc.  that sounds weird but it makes sense in my head :)
  • We're just doing black/white with touches of green. No real theme. Just simple and classic.
  • I really dont have a theme...  Im going for a laid back with a touch of romance...
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    Ours definitely has a vintage theme. Late 50s, early 60s. A lot of people think Mad Men when I show them stuff I have in mind, but I've never seen the show.
    It sort of came out of our style and things we mutually like.
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  • No real theme here either.  Format is similar to mica001's.  Colors are taupe and eggplant.
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  • i'm from north jersey and my guy's from down the shore so i'm leaning towards having the wedding down in his area. i'm going to check out a yacht club on tuesday because i'd like to have the ceremony/reception overlooking the water so i've decided on a nautical or marine blues, creams, crips whites.. i actually just decided last night and have been furiously researching. my guy's in the coast guard and owns a boat so he'll be thrilled..when i told him i was going to check this place out he sounded so excited, like a little kid. it got me excited! :)


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  • we're trying to figure out how to mesh my two ideal themes and have them look...good. i want it fun and a little funky, but i also want some of the fairytale touches.
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  • We are having a romantic country theme full of a log cabin (budget willing), view of a lake and all the add ons. No horses in carriages though. To many bad experiences with those in the past.
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