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September 2012 Weddings

for all the 2012 brides!!

i recently just got engaged and we plan on getting married in fall of 2012. im getting all excited and starting to plan already im looking at venues and all. so is it too early to start planning? 

Re: for all the 2012 brides!!

  • Congrats and welcome to the board!  I think everyone here is already doing a little planning. Personally, I've focused on the venue location and just getting a general idea of how I want our wedding to go.  I also know our colors.  But look around, I'm sure you will find some nugget of info that can be helpful to you from the posts we have in our folder. 
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  • Yeah, I think it's a good idea to start planning leisurely, not go hog wild yet, but start off looking for the big stuff, the venue, get some ideas and some inspiration.
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  • no im doing the same thing. gives us alot of time to save research plan get everything we want :) enjoy!
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    Welcome...I been in full planning mode..  We are not rich so there for we are taking the full  2 years to pay for our wedding... So I have everything, Venue, Caterer, Photographer, Baker and I have met wth 3 florist. I plan to put all my deposits down this year to get the 2010 price and then pay it all off over the next 2 years...

    Something to think about vendos prices generally go up every year.

    Good Luck....
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  • I'm also planning. I've been doing a lot of research on venues and photographers the last couple of weeks. Not hardcore planning or anything, since I haven't even asked all of my bridesmaids to be bridesmaids yet lol.
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  • My fiance and I are pretty much fronting the entire bill so we need these two years to organize and save, save, save! We only have our venue booked (ceremony and reception). But I'm researching a lot and just making a lot of notes.
  • I dont think it is too early to start planning. Im looking at venues myself and i have been engaged for two years and we just picked a date.
  • looking for  a venue but  havent  found  anything we  love
  • I agree with all of the above. I am getting married September 1st 2012, and I  have also started looking for a venue. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. I wanted to me near the airport so my OOT guest would have easy access to the venue.

    Doesn't look like that's gonna happen. I have fallen in love with the Convention center in Overland Park, KS, and the Sheraton Hotel that's connected to it. My only problem is it's about 45 minutes from the airport.
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  • I agree with everyone here...We are saving up to pay for our wedding for the next two years and are looking to book the reception site so we can hopefully lock in the cheaper prices.  
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  • Congrats!! It's deff not early to start planning. I started looking at places already only because they book so quickly! I also started looking at colors for the wedding and dresses for the bridemaid and groommens GOOD LUCK!!!
  • It is never to early to start planning. As far as booking things, that is all up to the person that you are looking to book. If they don't book until a month before, then just make a comment in your planner to contact that person a year before the wedding to book them. Truth is the sooner you get everything booked, the less you will have to worry about six months before the wedding.
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  • congrats and I think its best to start looking now and then secure the venue. The venue is biggest part and bulk of the budget. So start its exciting and alot time pick your perfect venue. Do you have color or approx guest list
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