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Programs - Catholic Mass

Hi Everyone,

So I'm trying to think about my programs and their format.  I'm having a full Catholic Mass and I don't think I'll have enough space on my programs (Their Layered so only one page is for the ceremony) to write out the full Mass order, step by step.  I was thinking of just highlight the important parts, like Liturgy of the Word, Marriage Rite and Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Anyone have any recommendations or ideas related to this? 
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Re: Programs - Catholic Mass

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    I collect the paper elements from every single wedding I go to.  I went to my first Catholic wedding last summer, and her ceremony is only one page, too.  Here's what she did:

    Prelude... "Pachelbel's Canon in D"
    Procession... "Trumpet Voluntary" (please stand)
    Opening Prayer
    First Reading... Sirach 26:1-4, 13-16 (please sit)
    Responsorial Psalm... "Blessed are those who love you" Psalm 128 (please join the cantor on the refrain)
    Second Reading... 1 Corintians 12:31-13:8a
    Gospel Acclamation (Please stand and join the cantor on the refrain)
    Gospel... Mark 10:6-9
    Homily (please sit)
    The Rite of Marriage
    Consent: Exchange of Vows
    Consent and Exchange of Rings
    Lighting of the Unity Candle
    The Lord's Prayer
    Nuptial Blessing
    Presentation of Flowers to the Blessed Mother
    Final Blessing
    Recessional... "Ode to Joy" (Please stand)

    She used an 8.5x11" piece of paper folded the "hamburger" way and all of that fit on one half of the inside.  She used a fairly large font as well.. I can scan it for you if you want a visual.

    HTH... and I also hope that any of that means anything to you.  I felt like I was typing a foreign language through some of it haha :p
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    This link may explains what you should include and also has templates to follow...the format is really long but you can use it as a guide!
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    Thanks!!  I think I will be able to shorten it, I feel like majority of people attending will be Catholic and be able to follow along, I want to include the main parts and responses...I'll draft up a couple of different of versions and see what looks best.
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    This was really helpful for us.
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