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Accountability - Thursday

Hey ladies, I'm a little late today, work is CRAZY! How has everyone's day been? No early workout for me this morning, headed to work early instead. Looking forward to a quiet evening tonight to get stuff done! I did find out today though (because I could resist stepping on the scale) that I'm down another couple lbs :)

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    Great job!  FI and I went on a bike ride last night which was really nice.  I might end up working tonight so maybe no workout today, but I've been doing good about eating.  We had some left over cans of pop after FI's birthday party a few weeks ago.  They're gone now (I couldn't resist drinking them.  I love pop, but we never buy it cause it's so bad for you.)  I've been back to drinking just water and milk for a few days now.  Major caffeine headache, but my body is thanking me for the water.  :)

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    Good job!

    I was in such a bad mood when I got off work yesterday, and my run really helped.  I ran 3 miles on a steep incline, so I was really proud of myself.  My legs hurt like crazy today!  And I did a few core exercises - no arms yesterday since I tweaked my shoulder the day before.  I should be able to go back to some light arms today.

    Ate a healthy breakfast & lunch, drank a lot of water, and going to eat a healthy dinner.  Also, going for another run & some arms tonight.

    I'm down 6 pounds so far!  I really want to lose another 6-10 before the wedding.



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    Yesterday was a mess, work for me was crazy too. I didn't get home until after 8pm so my original plan to work out was replaced by help FI make dinner/ eat dinner/ sleep. 
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