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WOW!!! FI and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to register yesterday... Never did we think he would take 3 and 1/2 hours! We were pooped, we got there around 2:00-2:30 and because we were even done they were announcing that closing time was in 15 minutes (6:00).  The worst part is we only registered for 108 items and we are having 300 guest! 

Just a warning make sure you have plenty of time when you go register.  We are also registering at Target ( I know their return policy sucks)  I hear they just give you the gun for you to scan what ever you want as Bed Bath and Beyond has a consultant that walked the whole store with you!

AHHHH We were exhausted, and to top it off neither of us like shopping!
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Re: Registering

  • I had never shopped BB&B prior to getting engaged. I heard great reviews about their registry so decided to check it out... we're hooked lol

  • Ugh I keep putting the whole registering thing off.  I absolutely hate shopping, unless it's for jackets (weird I know).  FI keeps nudging that we should go soon and I smile and nod but have done nothing about it.  This coming weekend is pretty open for us schedule-wise so I'm thinking it's time to take the registry plunge!
  • My BBB registry is all stuff I registered for on line right now, mostly kitchen stuff I already knew I wanted. I have to go there soon and register for sheets, towels, and other bed/bath stuff I want to see in person before adding. Willilams Sonoma took forever too, they just give you the gun and let you go, but it died! and the second one wasn't working properly and I had to enter #s manually instead of scanning and when I looked at the registry later, nothing I had entered using the
    2nd scanner was on there- it was the stores network that wasn't working! So, I found everything on line and added it that way.
  • We went to BBB this weekend too. We had some questions but most of the time we just wanted to be left alone. But they keep talking and talking and talking?!?! It was so aggravating! We only ended up registering for about 80 items in four hours! Trying to decide on our next place now. 
  • I am planning on doing most of our registering online. Like Junebug, I will go to the store to "feel" the important items. 

    I think running around a store with a scanner would be fun but I would be very uncomfortable having a sales associate walk around with me. I like to be left alone when I shop. 

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  • We did the same yesterday! It was nice to have the personal touch of a consultant. Took us almost 4 hours too. (Though a little of that was me going slow because I've been sick all week.)  Glad to finally have it done too!
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  • We registered at BBB also, at first the consultant did walk around with us, but then I just kindly said 'Thank you for the assistance, where can we find you if we have more questions".... something to try for those who don't want someone walking around with them the whole time.  She seemed to get the hint and left us on our own, we actually ended up splitting up the registering process which helped also, did some of it before Christmas and then went back and registered for a bit more a month or so later.... it was nice to have some time to reflect on things.  I will likely go back and do a quick scan of all of the items again right before my shower invites go out....
  • I've been thinking about registering lately, but it still seems early to me.  I don't think I'll be having a bridal shower, so we really only need the registry for the wedding time.  I'm thinking BBB and maybe Kohls or Sears.  I figure we can register for tools for FI at Sears so that might be fun.  I would hate having a consultant walk around with us the whole time, though.  I registered about 5 years ago at BBB and it was nothing like that.  If they walk around with us, I'll most likely ask them to leave.

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  • The consultant I had at BBB was helpful for about a New York minute.I had already gotten the packet in the mail, so I spend half a Saturday looking thru our place to see what we, well needed, around the house. Checking things on the checklist so we can "breeze" thru the registry at BBB. Good idea that was.......
    My FI was enjoying the consultant, I was beyond ready for her to leave. By the time it was over, 3.5 hours later, I end up scanning about 75 unwanted items. BBB is a great place, if you choose to go there, go in there with a game plan and just be honest with the consultant that if you have any questions, you will ask them.
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