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Anyone ever have weird working hours?

I'm applying to a job that I think would be an amazing opportunity, but I would have to start work at 6:30 am...I'm not the biggest morning person, but I'm trying to decide how hard it would be to adjust to that. So just out of curiosity, did any of you ever have weird working hours? Did you get used to them?
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Re: Anyone ever have weird working hours?

  • I had a 12 week internship where I had to be there for 7 am and I lived about 45 minutes away. I eventually got used to getting up early and even after the internship stopped, I kept waking up early because I was used to it. The only thing I never really got used to was how tired I was when I got home! Im not sure what type of work you'll be doing -- I was interning in a hospital -- but there were nights I went to bed at 730! That may just be me though. Good luck with the new job -- please keep us all posted!
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  • @Shea - Do you at least get off work earlier in the day?  My job before this one required me to be at work by 6am, but I got off at 3pm so I got to enjoy the rest of my afternoon.
  • @ekk120 That's good to hear, I just applied to the job but I am keeping my fingers crossed! Don't want to be unemployed when my current job ends at the end of March!

    @beckyboo27 Yes, I would probably get out around 3 as well. That's the part that is appealing--I'd love to have more time in the afternoon (and daylight!) to get things done.
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  • My new boss is trying to get us to come in earlier, because she likes to come in earlier.  But she doesn't want to leave earlier in the afternoon.  She just asked if I was coming in at 7 tomorrow and I said "yea, pacific time.  See ya then"

    My previous job was 7 am, and a 20-25 minute drive.  Most days I was pretty good, but mondays I would drag ass coming in.

    I wouldn't mind going in early in the summer, when It's light out.  But right now it's still dark when I leave the house at 740.
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  • It depends. Will your hours be the same every day? If so, then your body will adjust eventually. However, if you have a job like myself where every day is different hours it becomes impossible to get used to. It sounds like you like the job enough to make it work regardless :) GL! 
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  • The job I just quit had 2 shifts that I jumped back and forth between, a 6:30 till 2:30 and an 11 till 7. It was really hard to get used to because it kept changing but I think if it was consistant you'd get used to it 
  • In the summer My job requires that i come in at 7 am and leave at 5 pm. It makes for a very long day. I can't stand it! But if you get off at around 3pm, you shouldn't have any problems getting used to it. Traffic is also much less at those times of day.
  • That would be really hard for me! Right now, I work very 9 to 5 hours. Well, more like 10 to 6, but I usually leave at 5 lol. I live a 30 minute walk or 15 minute shuttle ride from work (I live and work downtown, 20 blocks away). Most days, I wake up around 7:45 and take a shower. Get back in bed until 8:30. Get up again and do my hair until 9. Finish my hair, make lunch, leave at 9:15 and get to work around 9:45.
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  • I currently work 6:45 to 3:15 with a 45 minute commute.  It's not bad.  I will probably be switching to 6:45 to 7:15 soon though so that I have to go in one less day a week and I only have to work every 3rd weekend instead of every other like I do now.

    Also, I am not a morning person, but I found that works to my advantage because I sorta am on autopilot for the first few hours and by the time I'm really ready to go, the day is half over!
  • I used to work ALL day...seriously.  I would go to work at from 6am-8am, drive 45min to class, then come back to work from 12-630pm.  It was actually surprisingly easy to get used to the schedule.  I have been working 930-630 now, and I think it is harder to work later in the day than early in the morning.  In the summer I always worked 6-2 without a break,and it was so nice being off early!  
  • i work 7:15-4:00 by choice. i am just a morning person i guess / i like to get home early and make dinner before we go to the gym. i like being at work early just because less people are there so then it's quieter and i can actually get things done. i just always feel weird leaving early when everyone else is still there, but whatever, i put in my time.
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  • I'm a teacher and my days start at 7:20. When I first started it was an adjustment, but I got used to it really quickly. My FI loved it because I would go to sleep so early and he got to play Call of Duty haha What would your commute look like?
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  • My hours vary every day (oh the joys of retail...). During the week I normally work until 4, but my start time is anywhere from 8 to 11. Saturdays are usually 7:30-3, and then Sundays are 6-2:30. Technically my job is supposed to be an overnight or early morning position, but the only one that really works that is my boss. Which is awesome, because I have a hard enough time working at 6. I can only imagine trying to come in at like 4.

    The hardest part for me is trying to go to bed early on Saturday nights. I need at least 7 hours of sleep to function, so trying to force myself to fall asleep by 9 is pretty tough. A lot of times when I get home on Sundays I'll take a nap.
  • I have a pretty crazy schedule but that's because I have school, work and my internship going on right now. I usually work Mondays 8am to 9pm which is a long day and every other weekend 730-4. Tuesdays I have class from 9-6 which is not that bad but my school is 1 hour from my house so its a long day. I have classes and my internship the other 3 days. I used to work all different shifts so I think I have worked every crazy work schedule that is out there.
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  • My schedule changes every month one month I work 8am-4pm, the next 12am-8am, and finally 4pm-12am. It takes my body a week or two to get use to my new schedule.  If you are working the same schedule everyday you should be use to it in about a month.  I'm not a morning person either but a cup of coffee or energy drink will do you wonders! Good luck!
  • Thanks, guys, I knew you'd have some good advice! I think I'd probably be able to get used to it eventually since my schedule would be the same every day. I kind of feel like I'd prefer the early hours to my current schedule of working on weekends so I could spend more time with my FI. I guess we'll see what happens!
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