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September 2012 Weddings

40 days of crazy

I just need support. I feel like we hit the 40 days until the wedding yesterday and all the family crazy came out. We invited 150 people and had to cut some peoples "guest" to fit people we wanted. We only did this for people who we knew had other family or friends and the wedding they knew and not in a relationship. I get this is hard and not ideal but its more of a space issue than anything. My FI cousin asked if she could bring a friend (more of a drinking buddy since we are having an open bar) and he nicely said probably but let's wait because we slightly over invited and are waiting for more nos. Now, like a week later, his aunt is sending him mean emails stating how unfair it is her daughter can't bring a date when someone on his other side can bring his g/f he has dated for 5 years and we've hung out with. WTF? I want to scream that these people need to just not come. This is just one example of like 3 other similar situations. I just can't believe that people have the balls to get upset about this when its suppose to be our day. Apparently its about everyone else. Am I the only one dealing with this?

Re: 40 days of crazy

  • Oh boy, yeah the 'guest' thing is tough.  The best way around this is to have a clearly defined set of 'rules', so when people harass you at least you can fall back on those clear rules.  For example we are inviting everyone to the wedding by name only (no plus ones).  It helps we aren't inviting a single person that doesn't know other people and almost everyone we know is either married or in a serious relationship.  So for those in relationships we invited both Ms. Danielle and Mr. Paul versus inviting Ms. Danielle plus guest.  We also tried to keep it very clear, for the most part only married/engaged/serious relationships. 

    But no matter what, you are going to run into drama with the guest list... haha!  Good news, less than 40 days until we are married (I am also a September 8th bride)!!!
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    I'm another September 8th bride and I have to say I can't wait until it's over! We've had fairly minimal drama compared to some but I feel like no matter what it's inevitable. Somehow I've reached a point where I'm almost immune to drama as in I almost don't care because the most important stuff is done. The rest of it is details and silliness in the grand scheme of things. 

    Hang in there!!! SO glad it's less than 40 days out (which is almost a month which is almost zero!!). 
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  • I feel your pain on this! I tried to do what L&K2012 did but people still decided to add a plus one anyways.  Depending on whose side of the family it was on, I had my mom or FMIL call to let them know that due to limited space they could not bring a guest.  So far I guess that hasn't been a problem (or not one the my mom or FMIL have told me about)

    We are all almost there :)
  • "Plus one" issues are always tricky! I agree that keeping it well defined is the best way to go. We invited anyone in a relationship (of course), and dates for the bridal party. Others were not extended a guest.

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  • Sorry you're dealing with that. As others said the only way to really pull off the 'plus ones' for some and not others is to have a clear set of rules that way there is no 'favouritism' in their eyes.
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