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XP Should I be concerned?

Three months ago my FI and I met with our baker, did a tasting and decided that we wanted to go with them to do both our bride and groom cakes. I gave the lady some pictures of the lace on my dress because we are going to have the cake decorated in the same pattern and she told me she would get a design drawn up and sent to me and I gave her my email. I told her we would follow up with the design of FI's cake because he wasn't sure what he wanted yet. I followed up a few days later and attached the picture of what he wanted in an email to her. We haven't heard anything from her since then. I would like to follow up since she did promise a drawing of my cake design but I'm stuck on what to say. Our wedding is still 2.5 months away and the payment of the cake is due 4 weeks before the wedding- no deposit was required. We both really loved this bakery and they are reputable. We definitely don't want to use anyone else! Advice?
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Re: XP Should I be concerned?

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    I would say something like: 

    Hi Ms. Baker Lady! 

    Just following up to make sure you got the email I sent you last week!  Did you need any more reference images?  I can't wait to see the designs on both cakes soon!


    (Yes, I use a lot of exclamation points when trying to not offend someone.  Reason being is tone is so hard to tell, and if they think I'm just excited it's harder to offend and less likely to have someone "fire" you because they think you're pushy or something.)
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    Yeah I agree with PP, I don't think it would hurt to send an email asking for a status update.
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    I'm a cake decorator and this does happen. They probably get so many orders they can't keep up with which ones they responded to and what-not. Just shoot them a little reminder, nothing major.
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    Thanks! I called her and she said I was on her list of people to call since our wedding is getting so close! We are going to meet with her in a few weeks once we have a better idea of RSVPs.
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