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Centerpieces- PIP

Hey ladies,

I've decided to play around a little with my centerpieces tonight. We're having a wine themed wedding, using wine bottles as our centerpieces. Each bottle will have a year on it and will act as the table number. We'll have pictures of us during that year in a frame!  Here's what I'm thinking for the inside of the bottle so far:

The lights are battery operated, so the battery pack is the large black box attached to it. We're going to cover those with fabric and include them into the design of the bottle (maybe put the year there). The pictures make it hard to tell, but there's a strand of pearls in the bottle.

Around the bottle, I'll put a strand of pearls (at the bottom) and votive candles. We're going to put peach daliahs coming out of the top so hopefully it'll give the look I'm going for. The flowers in there now are fakes ones that my FMIL had around her craft closet.

It's still a serious work in progress, but we're getting there!
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