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Taking time to breathe

Its been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted but things are still overwhelming. I did get all invites out,centerpieces and all bouquets are doneI had 11 bouquets total to make. I know my todo list is getting smaller but so are the number of days to the wedding. Top it all off with interviewing for a new job and hoping to hear good news on a house that we really love! How is everyone else dealing with the last details and everyday life without crying all the time?

Re: Taking time to breathe

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    You are not alone in the stress. Try to remind yourself how blessed you are to be celebrating a wedding and buying a home and hopefully getting a new job!. Good luck!
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    i agree with you 100%.... I feel like this stress is going to kill me! I try to stay calm and keep myself busy with other things but my mind still goes right over to wedding stuff!
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    I'm stressed but that's because we're also moving and I have my son's birthday party on the 22nd (and I'm a party planner so it's a BIG party)... just too much on the go but that's me lol.I seriously don't even know how to slow down...
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    I have been stressed. There's been all sorts of stuff going on from family stuff to a surprise bday party I'm helping throw in August, etc. I just try to take an evening here and there just to myself and get away from everything to destress
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    I'm stressed alright - living with my parents, FI takes the bar exam in 2 weeks, we will be moving October 1st but we don't know where yet, FI is job hunting, and I'm 15 pounds over where I'd like to be.  Oh goody!  Basically, just trying to eat healthy, sleep well, exercise, and keep a healthy perspective on what's important and what's optional - if I don't get to the kids' customized coloring books, then I just don't get to them.



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    I have definitely been super stressed but I'm really trying my best to let it go. I tend to silently carry the weight of the world (or what feels like it) on my shoulders, even for things that I can't do anything about. I've been trying not to worry as much about the things that I can't fix so it's just been learning about how to adjust my attitude so I don't get overwhelmed.

    I'm stressed because my mom doesn't even know what's going on (early onset dementia) and won't be at the wedding, my younger brother is having serious issues (drug addiction, unemployment, and health problems) and I am not even sure he'll be at the wedding. Work has been crazy and I've been traveling a lot (which of course means less time to complete wedding stuff) but that should calm down pretty soon.

    I've been working out more and trying to keep eating better along with getting enough sleep and that seems to help. I also give myself time to vent or cry or sit and watch crap tv just to relax.
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    I am stressed too...FI keeps telling me to hand stuff over to him to stop eliminating the stress and well I just blow up even more when I find out he decided on something without consulting me ugh!  Weddings are not fun!
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    It's nice to know that I am not alone,but feel for each and everyone of you!! I do just need to look at the end date and realize that I will be married to the man I love and as long as we are happy that's all that matters!
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