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September 2012 Weddings

Just curious...who is getting married on 9/22/2012?

How many people will be getting married on September 22, 2012?

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Re: Just curious...who is getting married on 9/22/2012?

  • ME!!!! heeeyyy guh!! lol
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  • Me three! =D
    We were really wanting 9/22/2012, then decided we would save money and switch to 9/21/2012... but recently said to hell with it. We are having our wedding on our five year anniversary.
  • We are! It was after Labor Day but befor October...so it just worked out well for us!
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  • Wow, I am so amazed, when I was reading some posts from September 2012, I was shocked to see some that were in 2012 and still planning. My family think I am planning way too soon, but they don't understand. September 22, is my fiance and I's anniversary. So far we have been together for three years. Wow, I say Good luck to everyone planning for a wedding for 2012, especially 09/22/2012! I am so excited for everyone! Laughing
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  • We haven't specifically set the date yet, right now we're just telling people that it's going to be Fall 2012, but I kind of have my heart set on 9.22.12!! We live in New England and fall in New England is GORGEOUS!!! (for anyone who doesn't live there and isn't familiar with how the beautiful the leaves are) We want to use the fall colors and I think that 9.22.12 would be perfect. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it! And Congrats and happy planning to all of you who already have the date set! :)

  • We most likely will. It's either gonna be the 21st or the 22nd. I'd prefer the 22nd, but the cost will decide for us.
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  • I'm getting married on the 22nd as well!  Seems like a very popular date, lol
  • In Response to Just curious...who is getting married on 9/22/2012?:
    [QUOTE]How many people will be getting married on September 22, 2012?
    Posted by rainieennis3[/QUOTE]Wow ,Autumn wedding and bride,me also this year,by the way,have you started your dress ?
  • We are!!   :~)

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    Big freeze curls framing my face like this; Inverted braid or Frech twist up the back. No flower. Veil attached to comb in the back at top of braid/twist.

  • We are! I'm so excited!

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  • This is the date we're looking at! I'm so excited! My family also thinks I'm trying to plan too soon, but I'm working on getting my Masters degree and I want to just start planning! So very excited and glad to see there are so many of us! :-)
  • Add another one to the list!  :).  I just started planning! Some think it's to early.. well actually Mom thinks it's too early but I don't think so!  Anyone else get the same reaction?
  • my soon to be hubby and I talked about it and we like to have a fall wedding. I like the idea of 9/22/2012... it will be five months after our 10 year anniversary!!
  • We are!!! We just decided on a date! and come to find out its the exact date of the fall equinox! yay!!! so excited!!!
  • We are getting married on 9/22/12 and it is an outdoor wedding! Keep the rain away!!!!
  • I have to decide a date in the next week.  We wanted October 6th but a friend got the date before us.  I think we are going to go with September 22.  I'm scared there will be a hurricane!

  • We will be getting hitched 9/22/12, unless I talk him into eloping.
  • We are getting married September 22, 2012 on the beach!
  • We are getting married on September 22, 2012 as well! Fingers crossed the weather is PERFECT! :) Congrats!

  • Im getting married with my bestfriend on sept. 22, 2012. :) we're praying for a good weather.
  • We are getting married september 22 2012. outdoor vintage picnic. :) it will be perfect.
  • Mine is also on that day! And outdoor picnic themed. :) congrats to everyone lol
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