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Hey there!  How are you holding up? I kept thinking about you on our honeymoon and thought I was going to miss your wedding week.  Then I remembered it was the first weekend in September!  It's really your turn!!!  We're going to be a bunch of old married ladies around here soon!

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    Aw, thanks for asking!It feels so weird!My mom is here and I am literally not wanting to do anything wedding related right now. I think it will all feel real when my dad comes in tomorrow. Maybe...Honestly, I am kind of freaking out. It's so close and it will all be over soon.
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    It honestly won't feel real... At least it didn't for me.  But once I sat down at the rehearsal dinner, I was finally able to relax and take it all in.  Enjoy spending time with your family!  It will be a wonderful week!
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