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I just want...

More time!  I never thought I'd want more time after an 18 month engagement.  But no, it's not that I want to push the date back - I just want a week off work to get the last minute things done that I couldn't possibly have done earlier (like final meetings with vendors).  I really would like to take a mental health day to just get some checks marked off.

I also would like an extra month to lose weight.  Gah!  I finally got started on the weight loss, and it's going great, but there's such a time crunch.

I'm also an emotional basket case.  I cry even thinking about the wedding, like a pregnant woman watching The Notebook.  Happy tears, and I get so giddy, but man, I get so choked up at every little thing!

How're you all doing? 



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    I could also use a week to devote entirely to wedding stuff right now, because the sheer amount of what is left is scaring me.  I also second the extra month to lose weight.  FI getting a new job so close to the wedding so not only did I have to work and plan a wedding, but also coordinate a move and look for a new job was not helpful (although I am glad he got a job that is a perfect fit for him).
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    I could definitely use another month, at least. We just recently got slammed with a bunch of issues (rental issue, health issue), and though everything is settling down, it threw a bunch of stuff out of whack, wedding-wise.

    Of course, hindsight's 20/20, but I wish we'd given ourselves more than a 9 month engagement.
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    I want more time too. But mostly, I want it to hurry up and be over with.  I hate bleeding money and stressing the hell out !
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    I'm feeling the time crunch just because work is so busy. I no longer have time to do wedding planning at work and when I get home I am too exhausted to do it. So I could definitely use some more time.

    At the same time, I want to hurry up and have it get here. 

    I guess what I really want is just a break at work so I can focus on wedding. If I am incredibly lucky I'll have a calmer schedule come late August. That should give me barely enough time to get stuff wrapped up. 
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    If I didn't have to work full time, have a child to care for before and after work and if we weren't moving in less than a month, I'd be in a better head space right now. I'm not freaking, but I feel like I have to cut back on projects because I don't want to get to that freak out stage.
    I'm also hosting my son's 6th birthday next Sunday and I go BIG with his parties and of course, DIY projects to boot. I love doing it tho and I wouldn't have it any other way, I just wish I didn't have to work cuz it really cuts into my DIY time LOL
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    I could really go for a week of just focusing on wedding things. Heck, at this point I'd even take just a few days.

    I am travelling for work this week and then the last week of July and again the first week of August. It is so hard to try to get things done when you are not even at home!

    Time is flying by and I keep reminding myself that everything will get done, the wedding will be wonderful, and how excited/happy I will be to see FI standing at the end of the aisle.
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    wow reading this is getting me stressed!!!!
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    I agree. Beyond stressed.  Sometimes I just come home and feel like crying.  I dont want to sound like an "anti-bride", but I cant wait for this wedding to be over!  I want to enjoy the day with my FI and then move on as a married couple :)
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    A bridesmaid just dropped out, and I'm at the point of calling the whole thing off. I don't know how much more I can handle.
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    I went to a wedding over the weekend, and I have to admit that I kept tearing up, 'cause I kept thinking "that'll be us soon!"

    But yeah, I could totally use more time.  As it is, I'm trying to decide what to do, 'cause I currently have the two days off before my wedding day, and I only have three vacation days left for the year -- can't decide whether I should burn one or two of those days to get more time before the wedding.
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    I am taking a half day mental health day tomorrow, well I actually worked a ridiculous amount of overtime earlier this week so I decided rather than have extra money I just need a half day off!
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