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This is a vent, not a complaint!

My fiance has awesome co-workers! They took him to lunch to celebrate our upcoming wedding, chipped in for a $100 Target gift card, his manager gave him $50 cash, another co-worker crocheted an afghan for us as a gift ..... Wow!

My co-workers? Nothing. They apparently couldn't even be bothered to pass around a card to be signed by everyone. I totally wasn't expecting anything gift-wise, but a card and a balloon tied to my chair (ha!) might have been nice. Some sort of recognition of the event. (I've been there 10 years.) My supervisor didn't even wish me well, just left early for the day and didn't even speak to me.

It's just kind of disappointing.
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Re: This is a vent, not a complaint!

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    Husband has awesome co-workers too. Mine are younger and just not at that point in their lives yet so I can't say I'm shocked I didn't get evena  card. My boss was going to her brothers wedding the same day as ours so she was excited about it but that was about it. I'm not worried about it. Not worth our time!
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    I feel your pain. I am the only female (read: token) in my office, surrounded by 13 men. I invited all of them and only two are attending and nobody else has even mentioned it. My direct supervisor asked me the other day "when is your vacation again?" It's cool though, since I can't hardly stand most of them anyway, I didn't really want them to come, just felt obligated to invite them.
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    If you've been there 10 years I understand your frustration!  Though, if you've been there 10 years and didn't invite your coworkers to the wedding, maybe they feel slighted?  I've only been at my job 10 months and when I started here our guest list was already too big so I didn't invite any co-workers.  Yesterday someone asked where we were registered and I felt awkward telling someone who isn't an invited guest.  I would think one person in your office would rise above a childish "I didn't get invited so I'm not going to go out of my way" and say something so that is a little unsupportive of them, but maybe there is some hurt there.  And, if you did invite them and none are coming, it is definitely rude (and technically, I think you are suppsoed to send gifts even to weddings you don't attend even if it is small so also it would be weird).
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    I understand were you are coming from I have been at my job for almost two years now and no one has mentioned anything and its a relatively small office and i invited everyone here but so far no one has even said anything and i'm getting married in 10 days!
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    Most of my co-workers don't even know I"m getting married and that is just fine by me.  I had to let a few know because I told them I would not be available this weekend to answer anything (it is expected to be available on your days off).  They were very surprised.  Ha!

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    I am pretty lucky... My whole team bought me a gift and all signed a card and my supervisor went out of her way to purchase something for me... totally unexpected.. but very sweet. I am a lucky girl! 10 days away.. now i am getting the jitters and butterflies that's for sure.
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    I can't even walk to the bathroom without somebody stopping me to ask wedding questions. It's not gifts but I'm glad people are supportive. I do feel bad that a lot of them aren't invited, but no way I could've footed that bill. Our department is like 120 people..
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