September 2012 Weddings

9/15 Brides!

3 weeks!!

What all do you have left to finish?

Heres my list:

Wrap wedding party gifts
Finish Programs
Print pictures/frame them
get Bridal frame
buy sand glass pieces for sand ceremony
Shop for wine and beer
Finish making mailbox for cards
Finish guest book sign
Finish weathered directional signs

WOW I feel like I still have so much to do and like I said theres only 3 weeks left!

Re: 9/15 Brides!

  • I am so excited but nervous as we get down to crunch time!!!

    Finish sewing table runners
    Iron table runners
    Wash napkins (?)
    Iron napkins (?)
    Iron Veil
    Make sign for bathroom baskets
    Finish getting RSVPs (today was the deadline) 
    Finish seating chart
    Make Escort Cards
    Box up supplies for Church and Reception
    Finish Timeline and send to wedding party
    Make must have photo list and send to photographer
    Send music list to DJ
    Order Jimmy John's for day of while getting ready
    Keep reminding FI to call hotels to verify reservations for us
    Figure out what to buy wedding "helper" and guest book attendant
    Wrap gifts for bridal party and parents
    Write notes for bridal party and parents
    Write speech for rehearsal dinner and wedding
    Have second alterations appointment (9/4)
    Make centerpieces (day before wedding)
    Pack for honeymoon!!

    Ugh, so much to do!!!
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  • edited August 2012
    Write vows
    Seating chart, and print clear labels & place on already-prepped place cards & escort cards
    Chase down 9 people for responses :P
    Meet w/ coordinator again on 8/27
    Talk to caterer about vendor meals
    Call venue with some random follow-up questions
    Final guest/table #s to florist, caterer...someone else maybe?
    Hair trial 8/28
    Seven more shifts at work. 84 hours. Of course, if they're all like last night, I will be dead well before the wedding. Srsly.

    Gosh, that can't be all. I know it can't.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, fi needs to finish the cornhole boards (he did 1 & 2/3 today, will finish tomorrow), then we need to paint them. And I need to buy the supplies for the bags & get them to my BM who has a sewing machine.
    Also I think I need to organize all the stuff that's going out the the venue into a few boxes, and maybe make an inventory list so on 9/15 everything will be easy to load up, and find. Kind of started this process.
    Parent gifts. Hmm. Hmm.
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  • Seating chart Parent gifts Print off pictures for our college table our school has the highest amount of married alumni so we love that Print off family pictures for our memorial chair at the ceremony get spanx for my rd dress lol final fitting next week finish paying for cake, venue, and photographer Thank gosh we are getting close!
  • Holy crap we are getting close! (20 days!)
    1. print escort cards
    2.  buy gifts for our dads
    3.  put bows on the wine favors
    4.  print directions from church to the receptin hall

  • YAY!  We are getting there ladies. It is just around the corner now. :-)  So exciting!
    1. Pick up marriage licence
    2. Pick up wine/beer
    3. Buy gift for MOB/Grandmother of the bride (they are both walking me down the aile)
    4. Buy gift for FH
    5. Finish paying for cake, flower and caterer
    6. Attend B-party/wedding shower
    7. Hair&Make-up trials
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  • - Paint signs for seating, ring bearer, and "thank-you" picture
    - Gifts for parents
    - Marriage License
    - Attend one more shower
    - Drop silk flowers off at florist
    - Finish house projects, gift sorting, & moving
    - Pack for honeymoon :) 
  • This week:
    -makeup trial - 8/27
    -meet with photog - 8/27
    -hair cut/highlights - 8/29
    -pay off florist - 9/1
    -pay off cake and favors - 9/1
    -FI picks up his ring

    Next week:
    -get license
    -finalize music lists
    -2nd dress fitting - 9/4
    -card box
    -guest book
    -parents' gifts?
    -frame for escort/seating chart

    I can't believe we're getting married in less than 3 weeks! I can't believe it's going to be our month in a few days. :)
  • Congrats Girls!!!!!! its going to get here quicker than you think!!
  • Woohoo - getting really excited!

    To dos:
    Assemble my Day-of kit - anyone else doing this? if so what did you put in?
    Pay Venue and Cake Vendors
    Decorate Card Box - suggestions welcome
    Make a list of family photos we want
    Script for the MC
    Meet with the Pastor
    Get my engagement ring re-dipped so it looks brand new!
    Finish seating board
    Let the florist know what color ribbons to put on the corsages
    Make timelines for Everyone who needs one
    Pack for the honeymoon
    Assemble the items to go in our time capsule (instead of a unity candle/sand ceremony)
    Write my FH a love letter

    That sounds like a lot, but I think that's everything! :)

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