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Ok so I am looking at invitations and I think I found the ones I like but they are going to be $269 for 75 invitations including printing and the respnse cards do you think that's too expensive.  Here's the link to the ones I like.

Re: Invitations

  • Have you already created your budget? How much did you budget for invites?
  • They're lovely!  It stinks that they don't include the ribbon, I think that really makes the invitations pop.

    When budgeting, remember to include postage - both for the invitation and RSVP.  That's where my invitation budget nearly doubled!  Invitations are usually $0.65 and RSVPs are around $0.44, so that's a whole other dollar per invitation!

    Another option, if you do find they're a bit expensive for your budget, is to have an Etsy vendor design one for you - those usually go for around $30-50 for the design.  And then you have them printed from Cards & Pockets or another printer. 

    I designed my own (I might know some Etsy vendor who could help you... if you wanted.... wink wink nudge) and then had Cards & Pockets do the printing - total for 110 invitations, I'm paying $220, and that's with some pretty complicated stuff!  We have bi-fold cards made of heavy glossy shimmey cardstock, printed invitations on custom cut matting, RSVP and enclosure, RSVP envelope, custom cut circular logo for the front with a custom cut circular matting.  Yeah, I got a little crazy with the details, but still not that expensive.

    For what you're looking for, you'd just need the invitations, rsvp, enclosure, envelope, rsvp envelope, and maybe an envelope liner if you wanted the different colored liner like in the picture. That would run you for 75 invitations around $150. 



  • Calindi can you send me your etsy vendors name I might check that out :)
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