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Cheaper dresses online

I just wanted to share what I've found. If you're looking at dresses already, there are websites online where you can get the dress you love SO much cheaper. I found a dress I love, that I can try on at a shop, but on the website it's about $400 cheaper.

If you find anything else like this I'd LOVE to see it. Post it here to share!
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Re: Cheaper dresses online

  • Options, they dont have any bridal dresses but they have amazing BMs dresses if youre looking for any
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    Hi, I am new to this board, I am an avid lurker :)
    Anyways, I would advice you NOT to buy a dress from these sites as they are most likely knock offs. You will only be dissapointed and angry, and loose money on the bad quality that they will ship you. The dresses on the sites are sent from Hong Kong, if you are used to shopping online you know that those countries like to sell cheap knock offs to americans. If you want to try it out and see if the dress is any good do it, but I would advice you to do it soon so that you can have a backup plan. It is just in my experience not worth the hassle to try to save money on something that is, in my opinion, so important to you on your day.
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    here are some other alternatives to "cheaper" dresses,

    those sites have poeple selling their used wedding dresses, i think it would be much safer to buy a dress here, if you are trying to save money :)
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