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First shower... we're very lucky!

We had our first of two showers over the weekend. This one was thrown by my fiance's mom & her friends. It was a couples shower and for a while I was kind of dreading it because I didn't really know anyone there very well and I thought it was just his mom wanting an excuse to party with friends, not actually celebrate our marriage. Anyway, it was absolutely lovely and all the guests were so generous!! We got some really great gifts! I feel bad for ever having not been super excited about it. I feel like we are very fortunate to have people that want to sit around and talk to us, feed us and give us gifts for an afternoon!

Showers kinda rock.

Re: First shower... we're very lucky!

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    Yay! That's so exciting! Gla you guys had fun. =) My mom was planning one for August 11th, but we've gone through a pretty big rough patch so that's kind of up in the air now.
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    I just had my shower yesterday!! I was completely overwhelmed by the love and generousity I felt by everyone!! My mom and sister planned such a beautiful day and everyone raved about everything.  We got so many amazing gifts too! So fun being a bride :)
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    Nikki71Nikki71 member
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    Glad I'm not the only one feeling lucky :)

    Morenchica-- hope the bridal shower works out!
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    Sounds awesome! Glad you had an awesome shower.  Do you have a favorite gift from the shower?  Don't worry, we won't tell anyone :)
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    I do! I got my first place setting of the china we registered for (love!) and we got a camping tent! Two separate ends of the sector of girly to Tom-boy, but I love both!!!

    Hope everyone else has great showers!! :)
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    Woohoo, fun! Happy you had a nice shower. :)

    My shower is July 22. It is coming up so quickly and I can't wait!

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    Our shower is Saturday, I hope we are as lucky as you.  I have no idea who is coming, I sent out 70 invites.  That is right "I", my stepmom did not want anything to do with the invites so i did them.  This will be my first  shower and almost everyone that was invited that I talk to everyday is not coming.  My second shower is a small one being thrown by the ladies at work. 
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