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so not happy not going to be able to use tulips and peonies!

would  like  to do peonies,orchid,gardenias,dahilas,tulips.for bouquets  obviously we wont be  able  to  do tulips and peonies because they are not available in sept.found  a substitute  for peonies  which is the  peony rose is there  a substitute  for tulips or  a flower thats similar  to the tulips

Re: so not happy not going to be able to use tulips and peonies!

  • I work at a florist and where peonies will be difficult to come by tulips CAN be shipped in from Holland but are much more expensive than during the winter/spring
  • Calla lilies have a similar shape to tulips, but I can't think of anything else off the top of my head. I feel your pain. I wanted gardenias until I saw the price tag. SO not in the budget. Alas...

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  • WOW!  Well the only advice I have is that why not wait until the date gets closer?  I mean the urge to plan EVERYTHING now is fun and even though I'm the kind of person to pick something once and be done with it, I have found that when I happen to see something else I like (that isn't a major part of the wedding) I at least consider it.  There are plenty of beautiful flowers our there.  I'm sure you will find a suitable substitute for this.  Good luck!
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  • The state/region shouldn't matter. Your flowers are likely not grown in your state or even in the US. It is all about your florist, what they are willing to do, what they are willing to charge you, and what you are willing to pay. We get flowers from wholesalers with contacts all over the globe.

    Tulips ARE available YEAR ROUND no matter what your florist tells you. They just can't charge $3.50 a stem they have to charge for them like calla lilies ($8-$13 a stem). They are trying to control over charging people a lot just because of the season. If you really want them and they are telling you what I just said isn't true or they aren't willing, call other florists in your area.
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