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September 2012 Weddings

Soooo Sept 2012 Brides...

Are you any closer to picking a reception venue? If you are still looking how many places have you visited already?

Re: Soooo Sept 2012 Brides...

  • We booked ours a few weeks ago.  The nice places in KC book out about 2 years.  We looked at about 5 places before we picked our location.
  • Ugh. I've been doing a lot of internet research, but I haven't been able to look at any venues because we're still 2000 miles away from where the wedding is happening! We currently live in Los Angeles, but are moving back to Chicago, where we both grew up, in October. So once we move and get settled and recover from the whole ordeal, we'll start looking at places. We have a list of four right now to go look at. I want to have the venue booked by March at the very latest.
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  • I just found my venue yesterday with my fiance. It is a DoubleTree hotel in Bedford, MA. I only saw two other venues before choosing mine. I just got a really good feeling, and could not picture myself liking anything more! Smile
  • I had my venue picked out and changed a few weeks ago.. Reason being the first place only gave me 7 hours and I had to rent tables and chairs. New place, I have it from 8 in the morning until 10 at night which is perfect.. The PLUS they provide tables and chairs... Still get my outside wedding but at a cheaper cost.  I will have my cermony in front of a lake and the reception under a tent like structure..
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  • Visited 2, considered 3.  Chose Shades of Green Resort at Disney (YAY!!) after one visit.  The only drawback is that it is out of the area. But with 2+ years to plan (while attending Nursing school), I'm hoping we have a fabulous wedding.  

    The thing is once I see something I like (dress, venue, etc.) I immediately stop shopping.  No need to keep looking.  I think that makes it worse.
    Happy Planning! 
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  • @mtice3188 -I used to live in Bedford!! What a sleepy little town and the whole area (Lexington, etc) is so quaint.  Do they still have that "farm" that makes the best fresh bread EVER?  What about the ice cream place that has a "small" size which is actually a ginormous cone?  Oh the memories!
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  • We've looked at 5 places so far. We are looking at 2 more over the next 2 weeks and then I promised FI that I will make a decision, I know I am driving him crazy already...
  • I looked at a nunch online but the place that we booked was the only place we visited. I don't care what anybody says but I love it! I know several people who've gotten married there, too and couldn't say anything but great things about the venue. Another plus, I'm definitely getting the most for what I'm paying.

    Now I don't have to worry about caterers, bar choices, wedding planner, linens, ceremony site, etc.
  • We've looked at a bunch of places online(meaning me haha) but haven't gone to look at any as of yet.  We are hoping to book a venue in March.  We also haven't decided if we want to have the venue in Philly, north DE or NJ as we both live in the burbs of Philly.
  • My fiance lives 10 hours from me right now. We want the wedding to be in North Carolina where I am living. So what we did was search the internet and picked three places (one he liked, one I liked, and one we both liked). Now this weekend he is driving down and we are looking at two of the venues. If we don't pick one of them we will schedule another weekend for him to drive down and look at the third venue option.

    I wanted to narrow the choices quickly because I didn't want to drive myself or him crazy looking at a bunch of different venues and trying to choose one from a big list.
  • After only three weeks of intense internet research, we (as of yesterday) booked the first and only venue we visited.  It's Greystone Golf Club in Romeo, MI.  It was perfect--outdoor ceremony location on their lake and only one event going at a time which I really like.  I am so excited to have the biggest task out of the way!
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  • im still looking. I just started looking. I have found a place that i am interested in touring but i don't want to do anything without my fiance's approval.
  • we have  a list  of  3 places that we r considering. havent  checked them out  yet but looked online
  • we have a couple of places we'd like to see, but as we're getting married in my small hometown the choices are kind of limited. and we can't actually go see them anytime soon since it;s on the other side of the country. :)
  • Just got our contract early last week.  We signed it and now just need to send it back! One major check done!! Whoo hoo!!
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  • My Fiance and I are booking our location today (YAY!) We looked into 3 places in terms of getting pricing etc. together. We are getting married in Maine (where we are from) but are currently living in IL for grad school.....soooo this is long distance planning! However, before actually seeing all three places, we fell in love with one and have put the deposit down. During Christmas break we can see it ourselves and give them a final yes or no but I think it will be the one!
  • We have a venue picked out that we like although it's over our budget so I will have to think of something so we can have it there. If not I'm going to have to find a back up.
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