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September 2012 Weddings

So Glad I have Plenty of time.. Country wedding?

So I am planning on getting married Sept 15th 2012.. Not set in stone yet but that is the plan. I am wanting to do a country wedding but still make it a WEDDING.. Understand =) .. Im thinking either brown and orange or green and orange? Still no idea. My fiance is a big time hunter and I love the fall colors so I want to make this about him also.. Any ideas on good places in South Ga or North FL? We live in mid GA and we are orignially from south FL so we are trying to do something in the middle

Re: So Glad I have Plenty of time.. Country wedding?

  • You might want to ask your local board for locations, because I have absolutely no idea. I really love orange, I'm using it as one of my colors. I'd go with brown, orange AND green, personally! If you're going country, maybe try a farm? We thought about getting married on my aunt's christmas tree farm, but her "lodge" on her land there can only acommodate about 80 people and our families are WAY too huge to only have 80 people (I wish!) But a farm might be a really lovely idea, or a national park. If you say country I pretty much automatically think outdoors. That's just me. :)
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  • I live in Jacksonville, FL and nothing seems to pop out of my mind right this second.  But if you post on the north Florida board someone might be able to help you get an idea.  And since you are from south  Florida, I'd check there too.  I am getting married in Orlando and I've heard of a popular farmer's market there that alot of brides have used.  If you are interested, you can ask somenone on the central Florida board.  I hope I've been of some help. 

    I'd also check Savannah or Valdosta for ideas too.
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  • I know a lot of people are looking at barn weddings. Not like real barns, but some can be set up really nice for weddings. Google that, because I already looked at some, though I'm from the midwest :)
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  • If you want to have a country wedding and incorperate a hunter type feel with the orange and brown/green colors I would suggest looking into having an outdoor wedding. But at the same time I would ask him because just because he's a hunter doesn't mean he wants to add that into his wedding... I learned that first hand.

    PS there is a bunch of cool camoflauge stuff for brides and ceremonies. Laughing
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