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what will you do with your dress?

Hi ladies! I haven't been on here in a while but I got married on Sep 2 and it was beautiful, joyous, and I'm glad it's over so we can just enjoy married life!

I'm wondering what you ladies are doing with your dresses after the wedding. I could sell it to one of those consignment places, but part of me wants to keep it, which is silly. It takes up space, and I'll certainly never wear it again, though I wish I could. It's my favorite article of clothing, and certainly my most expensive, and it's tough to let it go!

What are you ladies doing with your dresses after the wedding?

To those already married, CONGRATS! I hope you day was everything you wanted it to be! And to those still awaiting your wedding, it will be wonderful! Take a deep breath and soak it all in, because it's gone in a flash!

Re: what will you do with your dress?

  • I just went to my friend's baby shower today and her mom gave her a christening gown that she had made from her wedding dress.  It was soo sweet!  I'm definitely saving my dress to do the same thing for either my babies or my grand babies :-)
  • Either sell it or donate it to charity.
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  • I'll be keeping mine no question. It was expensive and it has sentimental value. Also a future daughter might get use out of it. :)
  • I think I am going to donate mine to charity. It is pretty simple though so I have thought about having it shortened and dyed but I think that will cost as much as the dress did! If we were planning on having children I might feel differently.

    A few people have said that they had their trains turned into Christmas tree skirts which I thought was kind of neat. 
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  • Keeping mine.
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  • i love my dress! i wish i could wear it more..hahaha. i think i'm definitely going to keep it after i've gotten it cleaned. currently, it's sitting on the bed in our spare room. lol

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  • Within a week of the wedding I'll be wearing it again!  We are going on a cruise for the HM and FI and I think it'll be fun to wear my dress/his tux for one of the formal nights!  Then I'll be donating mine to Brides Against Breast Cancer.  I've thought of keeping it but no way the styles will be the same when my daughter (who doesn't exist yet) will get married.  I saw a pic on pinterest of a little girl basically consumed by her mom's wedding dress like she was playing dress up.  It was adorable.  But, to save it when I don't have a daughter (and may never) for 1 picture seems crazy when donating it can do much more good for women with terminal cancer than 1 picture will do for me. 

  • My dress was my mother's dress. I don't know if my children will actually wear it or not, but they might want to use it in some other way, like fabric flowers in their bouquet or something. I'll be keeping it
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    First off Congratulations!! Im going to keep mine, and Preserve it. Maybe my daughter will wear it for her wedding. Smile
  • I love my Dress and I will keep it with me forever
  • Mine is just in the closet, next to his suit. We didn't have a lot for our wedding- no guests, no photos except a few our officiant's wife snapped, no venue. We got married on the side of the Hwy 1 running along the coast. The memories of our wedding are our felt bouquet and boutteniere, our clothes, our rings, a few pictures, and driving past the place we got married every day.
  • There's a bridal consignment shop that opened up about a year ago a mile or so down the road. It's going there. The dress is beautiful, but I'm not keeping it. However, I have worn my wedding necklace and earrings twice already! :D They will be things I wear regularly, and that's enough for me.
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