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What have you checked off your list so far?

So far, I've got the date, the budget, the dress and the invitations. Have you ladies checked anything off that list that seems like it never ends? (For me it does, anyway!)
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Re: What have you checked off your list so far?

  • I have my date, budget, deposits on dress, venue and caterer.. everthing else is running together ugh...  I am about to start my DIY projects. Save the Dates and Menu cards.
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  • So far, I have ideas... lots and lots of ideas. I know the color and length of bridesmaid dresses I want and basically how I want my bridesmaids to look, the color of the vests and style of the groomsmen attire. I'm between two venues near my hometown at the moment but alas, I still have PLENTY more time to figure that one out. I know what I want my invitations to look like, what kind of cake I want (taste and filling, that is).

    I know who I want to cater the occasion, the photographers, the videographer, the DJ, who will MAKE the cake, and where I'm getting my fake apple blossom flowers (between the FI (I used that correctly, right?) and I, there's an inside story to the apple blossoms). Only reason I know all of these already is because our family and friends are multi-talented. Cool

    Although I'm still pretty iffy about who will be our photographer because that and the food are the two things on my budget that I will splurge on. I'm not exactly photogenic, so I want to be able to mark something down as freakin' awesome about my day! I also have a rough estimate of my budget, WHO will be in the wedding party, what kind of music will be played, and that's about it so far.
  • We have the buget planned, the date, church, reception venue and photographer booked - and I know the dress I want, but haven't ordered it yet.   :)

    I feel like we have the "big/important" things out of the way, so we can take our time planning the rest.  I think we're going to hold off on anything else until after the holidays. 
  • Wow you girls are SO on top of it! I feel like this is forever away, but I guess starting early is the best bet. I don't have anything booked, but know the theme, ceremony location and narrowed the reception venue down to a few. I'm looking for a wedding planner before anything is set in stone! 

    When's the time to send out invites? I don't want them out too early/late. 
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  • edited October 2010
    We have decided on our date, venue, wedding planner, budget, colors, wedding party, invitations, dj and photographer.
  • We've got our colours, budget, date and guest list done. I have 119283748721 ideas for everything else! LOL

    But we've also booked our ceremony/reception place which includes our catering. I'd really liie to get the photographer taken care of too because they book up fast.. The only problem is that they're expensive!
  • @CaliSunn - l'd also say it depends on when you plan on having your wedding too since we have such a long time before our dates.  For example, our date is 9/2/2012 - which is Labor Day weekend.  Purposely done for us since FI's extended family and a few of my family members are clear across the country so they would need to save up a little for extensive travel expenses in addition to hotel, etc.  We are also doing it in Orlando so many of the family members with kids will be using this as a last summer vacation too.  That being said, we already sent out a newsletter just to let everyone know the basic details about date and location just to give them a heads up. Now that I've confirmed my venue, I will be sending out an updated newsletter with more specific resort info.  And as time gets closer,(probably every 6-9 months) until we get close enough to send out invites, I will continue to send newsletters - if needed.  Hopefully, this will replace my STD's for me because I'm personally not into them but many brides are. 
    Hope this makes sense and helps in come way! 

    Happy planning all!
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  • @happe2gether: Our date is 9/1/12 for the same reason! What do you mean by newsletter? Like shooting your guest list an e-mail just saying "hey..we're getting married this date, just to let you know...we'll send an invite soon?" Or is it okay to send out Save the Dates soon and invites later? Or both together? 

    Thanks girls! 
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  • Time is going by. We look up it will be New Years. I am leaving for a 7 Day cruise next week. I so need this vacation. It will be my last trip as a single lady. Just me and my daughter.. When I come back... I plan to go full throttle.. Im the type to want to just get it all done.. Once 2012 rolls around I wanna have everything paid off..

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  • I've got the date, venue, colors and many ideas.  I 've going back and forth between two photographers but will make that decision in the next couple days.  I also know who our DJ will be, just need to send the deposit and sign the contract. 
    I started dress shopping last weekend but will definitely hold off on that for at least the next couple months. 

    I feel like I am thinking about too many small details too soon and it is really making my head spin.  So after the photographer and DJ are officially booked, that's it for 2010.
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  • so far i've got the date and the dj. both were fairly easy to decide, considering i work with the djs, lol.

    and i keep changing my mind about colors, theme, pretty much everything.

    next week i'm going to see a venue that i've heard amazing things about. i've already looked at 2 but didn't fall in love so i'm hoping if all goes well next week, i'll knock a major thing off the list!

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  • Man, you are all so far ahead of the game!!

    We settled on the date last week. As far as  budget goes, all we know it "cheap." We have our officiant (because he's a personal friend) as well as attendants. And colors. But that's about it.

    I've been looking at dresses and bookmarking venues. Is it bad if we wait to start seriously looking until after the new year?
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  • you girls are making me feel like a slacker. I have ideas, and a town picked... and apparently a photographer and a dj... but I don't havemany dj options, and a photog friend is going to do our pics.
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  • i have most everything. i have to wait until a year and a day to the  wedding date to reserve the ceremony and reception site since they are the same place. me and my fh have our wedding party picked out and asked. all of his attire picked out and reserved. and now everything is just last minue stuff.
  • We've checked off the reception venue, colors, maid of honor, and date... We've got catering, photographer, invites, his ring, favors, and dress picked but not paid for. I'll be doing the cakes and most of the decorating elements.
  • Booked the ceremony/reception site, picked my colors(purple and silver), booked a dj, pretty much set on a photographer and cake lady.  Have a really cool idea for my centerpieces but will requrie a ton of work!  Oh yeah and put a down payment on my wedding dress!  I will be done before you know it....except maybe for my centerpieces those might take me 2 years to create!
  • We just got engaged the other day but I've been planning this for awhile. We just got my mom involved in it and since she's paying for everything we've really got to hash out the budget. I know the date, where we're getting married (just have to put down a deposit), and my attendants.  We have a bunch of other little details figured out like who our officiant is (one of my older brothers), what we want served, our cake, etc.  I'm so excited to just have it all happen now lol
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  • we have budget plan. church and officiant booked, pay deposit for reception venue on friday yes yes... for me the receptionvenue was the biggest and hardest part. But glad were done with that. Selected my bridesmaid dress and girls already
  • yes I am still search for a good photographer and video...not hceap at all
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