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Just got engaged!! Planning a 2014 wedding

I'm planning to get married September 13th, 2014.. So I have lots of time... but where do I begin?

Re: Just got engaged!! Planning a 2014 wedding

  • congratulations!!!
    I'm starting with the big basics first (what's the budget, where & when will the wedding be, theme/colors) and then moving into the smaller details.  The knot's to-do list is a good jumping off point as well.
    cheers to you!
  • Congrats ! We just started looking for a place as many around here are booking so early . Enjoy being engaged !
  • Congratulations!! Have you already booked your venue? If not, that is a good starting point. Then your photographer, dj/band, and officiant of required. Then sit back and relax and enjoy getting ideas for theme, dress, decor, invites etc. Oh, and start thinking about your wedding party if you haven't already asked them :. Have fun!
  • Congrats!!! I'm getting married on September 13, 2014 too.  Right now I'm trying to find an outdoor venue for the ceremony and reception.  Have fun!!
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