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got a question...

Ok i probably should have found another blog to post this in, however i have come to realize that some of the other people are just mean lol. so here is my question. I am 19 and engaged. We are getting married September 6th, 2014 (I will be 21 and we just celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Sat.) and i want to know how to tell my mom. She had a really bad experience with my birth dad when she was my age is constantly telling me about how i am to attached to him and he is going to crush me and everything else negative about being serious with someone at this age. I was just curious if anyone knew any special way to tell her that will prove to her that we do love each other.

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  • That's a tough one... but you've been together for 4 years already, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to her? Do you have an engagement ring? Has she seen it on your finger? I've always been a very private person and tend to tell my mom things after the fact, like a "Oh, btw, mom, I'm engaged, hope you don't mind..." and hope it goes well from there. lol.

    OR, have your fiance do the whole asking for her blessing thing and have that be your announcement to her.

    OR, this would just be mean and underhanded, if you have a local newspaper, put in a social announcement about your engagement and then just show her the article after it's been printed XD
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  • She obviously had a bad experience and has to look past her own issues. I think its a good Idea that you wait until you're 21, do you still live at home? If so that will be tough... Maybe if you and your FI talk to her together and explain that you want to wait and you're not running away because you do love each other. Personally, I would suggest waiting even longer because if it's meant to be, there's no rush, plus it will give you more time to save for a better event :)

    I think that it is something you and your FI should do together, because if you're mom has strong-armed you into going with her view in the past, he can support you :)
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