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September 6, 2014...I can't wait!

I've always wanted a September wedding, and my new fiance wanted to wait until 2014 (so we can save). The date was easy enough to pick - it might still feel like summer here! Seems like the perfect date, and I am already looking forward to it!
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Re: September 6, 2014...I can't wait!

  • I am also getting Married on that date :) Cant wait!! Have already booked the venue, DJ and Photographer
  • Haha uh oh now you're making me feel like I am behind! We haven't done anything yet, really, because I have been too busy for Christmas. In the new year I'll get more decisions made and whatnot.
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  • Congrats!! I'm getting maried that day as well. and here I was thinking I was getting ahead of myself by looking at venues and things now :)
  • My fiance thinks it's too early to start planning. I disagree...but what can ya do. :/

    It's cause I made the mistake of telling him weddings take about a year to plan, so now I think he has that range stuck in his head! Damn...
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  • We're getting married the day after, our venue's difference in price for saturday versus Sunday made the decision for us.  And most things we've picked out but not yet booked.  But it's never to early to plan.  I'd rather have it all done now and not stress as much the six months before my wedding!
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  • Also getting married on this day yay! congrats everyone
  • <div>Hey date twin! :) My FI thought it was too early to start planning too but I conviced him otherwise by saying the further in advance we plan the more choices of vendors we have meaning we get the best quality and price. If you wait you might get stuck with options out of your price range. The saving money thing always works for me </div><div>
    </div>In Response to <a href="">Re: September 6, 2014...I can't wait!</a>:
    [QUOTE]My fiance thinks it's too early to start planning. I disagree...but what can ya do. :/ It's cause I made the mistake of telling him weddings take about a year to plan, so now I think he has that range stuck in his head! Damn...
    Posted by MRSreadcomicbooks[/QUOTE]
  • Yay me too! Trying to think of a venue now. Are you going to go for an outside wedding or no?
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    This is our date as well! We booked our venue and caterer this week.
  • That's my date too! Just booked the venue a few days ago. So excited!

  • Congrats! I am also getting married on Sept. 6, 2014. Seems to be a popular wedding date! I started planning our wedding the day after we got engaged, which was on Valentine's day. Never too early!
  • Hey Ladies! We were just engaged last week and are looking at Sept. 6, 2014 as well. You all seem so far ahead of me. We are looking at venues tomorrow. Hoping to book asap because they book up fast in Dallas! :) 
  • This is my date too! I am getting super excited especially since we just booked our venue yesterday! :)
  • I'm the day after! Have my venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, invites, and save the dates! whew! next stop... wedding dress!
  • I am getting married on this date too! :)  So exciting for everyone!! :)  We booked our venue and caterer yesterday so now we will move on to all the other vendors. :)  Cheers to September 6, 2014 weddings and all of the other weddings taking place on this board. :)
  • I am also getting married on this date.  Went to  look at a venue on yesterday and fell head over heels in love! :)   We will hopefully book the venue by next week. Sooooo excited!!!!!  I am trying to tackle colors now. I am thinking about peach, coral, and yellow.
  • I am getting married on that day too..i figured that since I live in NY it wont be that cold yet since I want an outdoor wedding. I was originally planning for May but had to push it back  for the extra couple months to save.. I love that date...already found my venue it is BEAUTIFUL almost cried during the I am thinking yellow, silver and white.

  • congratulations to all my fellow brides! 333 days to go, can't wait!
  • That's my wedding date too!  Getting married at a winery in Nebraska, colors are blush and light blue.  We've booked our venue, photographer, bought my dress, and I feel like I'm behind!  Meeting with our caterer next week to finalize everything.  We're not religious people, so I think the hardest part so far has been searching for an officiant to perform the ceremony.  This has even been more difficult for me than actually finding the dress! :)


    Cheers to all of the 9/6/14 brides!! :) 

  • Another Sept 6 bride to be here! Got engaged Oct 2 and have done a bit of planning so far. The venue is booked and paid for (which will also be our caterer, since you have to use their services, but we won't deal with that aspect for awhile), church and officiant reserved, engagement pics scheduled for Nov 4 and we'll be sending STD's shortly thereafter since many people will be traveling to get here, invitations style chosen, bridal party chosen and asked, colors chosen. Probably wont have time to look for a dress until January, but I won't have to order it. The place I plan on going to in this area gets donations from shops around the country and sells them for about 1/10 the price and the money goes to the YWCA for women's programs (like $5000 dress from Kleinfeld's for $500). It's all I can think about!!!!
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    @Aschondel84 WOW Girl! You are on a roll! Congratulations!

    I am also a Sept. 6 bride to be and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle to my best friend.

  • That's my date too!  Getting married in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I feel like there is so much to do, but I've got the venue, band, and caterer so I think some of the big stuff is out of the way.  
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  • Anyone else feeling stressed yet?

    We have our venue deposit, photographer deposit, and commissioner deposits all paid - my dress is picked (not ordered yet), we've decided on favors... but I'm totally stressing out over my bridesmaids, among a million other "little" things.
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  • I'm not too stressed yet. I actually don't think I'll be stressed out until 12-8 weeks out. The only thing that is currently stressing me out is my FMIL wanting me to do the dollar dance. :-\ Tacky!
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  • Luckily we're both "anti-dancing" altogether.  I'm EXTREMELY shy and I don't want anyone to see me doing anything I'm not completely comfortable with!  Our wedding, our way!!!
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  • @MRSreadcomicbooks, I agree! This is why I refuse to do the garter toss! I am not comfortable with it.
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  • @Couggal12 Yep, that too.  For me it's no dancing (until I have a few too many drinks, probably), no speeches from me, no garter toss, and... the list goes on.  For some that might sound super boring, but I don't see the need to uphold traditions if I'm not going to be happy with them! It might even disappoint certain family members/friends, but if they want it done their way they can get married (again).
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  • @MRSreadcomicbooks, amen to that. When I was a single girl and pushed on the dance floor for the bouquet toss I hated every part of it. Even when FI and I were dating people pushed me out there claiming it would "get me my ring" lol. So I am totally fine skipping those traditions too! Glad I'm not the only one.
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  • @Couggal12 There seem to be A LOT of traditionalists on the Knot, so I'm ecstatic that you're here (and sharing my wedding date too!). When my bestie got married three years ago, I was MUCH different than I am now, and totally on board with all the dancing and other garbage that goes along with "tradition" - she's in my wedding party so of course she's pushing for all that stupid stuff! I'm SURE she'll be trying to pull me onto the dance floor too - well she's going to be in for quite a surprise when I refuse! :P

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  • @Couggal12 @MRSreadcomicbooks - We're doing the garter toss and bouquet toss, but I agree with you, they're stupid traditions and I'm pretty embarrassed at the thought of actually doing them. Hopefully the alcohol will be flowing and I'll at least have liquid courage.

    @MRSreadcomicbooksI am starting to stress about the little things: deadline for ordering bridesmaids dresses, when my dress will be ready to pick up, when to order invitations, when to meet with florists, etc. 

    Does anyone have ideas on what to check off the list next, since we all have the same wedding date? I am getting a little overwhelmed with my to do list.
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