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Planning ahead......with a vengeance!!

Hi everyone!!!

::crickets::  ::crickets::

I see. I know there are at least 2 other people who are crazy enough to want more than 2 years to plan something like this!  So, who are you, when did you get engaged, and why on earth are you waiting so long to get married?

My Answers:

1. Lauren W., soon (eventually) to be Z. 
2. We got engaged in October 2011!
3. We're both going to be in Grad school, and a fall wedding in 2014 is our reward for finishing on time (since neither of us finished our undergrad in a timely fashion). And really, who wants to plan a wedding AND work on a Master's thesis?

Re: Planning ahead......with a vengeance!!

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    1. Sasha   
    2. I am not considering myself officially engaged because fiance's proposal was unpleasant     

     3. Waiting until fiance finishes school. We'll be getting married just as he finishes up his degree and right before we have to move for his job - he has two prospects, so we'll be moving either north or south Undecided
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    I'm Kate We got engaged officially in April but it was actually a bit earlier than that. We are waiting so long cause I'm in med school and have no desire to plan a wedding while studying etc or try to get married while I'm in clinicals or something.
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    We got engaged August 26, 2011.

    We are waiting so long to save money and so we are not overwhelmed with everything. I also want a fall wedding and we didnt really think about setting a date till recently. We figured October 2013 would be too soon, so waiting another year isnt a big deal. We have been together for almost 7 years, and we've known each other since we were 8 years old. (We grew up 4 houses away from each other) In addition to planning a wedding we are paying for ourselves, we are trying to save to buy a house...


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    HI! I've been a lurker on The Knot for so long..glad I finally decided to post something.

    My name is Kate and I'm currently in graduate school while my fiance is an engineer several states away. We are waiting until 2014 for several reasons : mainly if we got married any earlier..we'd have to maintain separate households. Plus, we are paying for everything ourselves, so any extra time is welcomed.

    We looked at our first choice venue this weekend - simply because it sometimes books up to two years in advance. Although I felt ridiculous planning so far ahead - I'm glad we went. It was nice to finally start envisioning a day that still seems so far away! :-)
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    Oops. We have been engaged since August 20.2011.
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    I'm Leanne

    We got engaged on February 18, 2012 (less than two weeks ago!)

    We currently live in separate cities (met in college and moved home after we graduated) so we want to give ourselves plenty of time to save up and figure everything out. It's lovely because I feel like I am in no rush to get this planned right away!
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    I'm Stephanie

    We got engaged October 2011.

    We are both still in school well I am right now and FI is going back. We want to be done with undergrad first and also need time to save up for our dream wedding. 
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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Ashley.
    We got engaged on Christmas day, 2011.

    We're waiting to get married because we're saving up money to pay for the wedding. I also have family in England that are invited to the wedding, and they need time to take off of work to get here. I can't wait for 10/25/2014 to get here! Smile
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    Hey everyone,

    I am Rena! Vince and I  got engaged in March of 2012.

    We are in the process of building a new house and are still torn between getting married in 2014 or 2015.. Guess we both want to have enough time to plan everything and two years just does not seem long enough lol our family thinks we are going to be the crazy couple who waits 5 years after getting engaged to get married!!
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    I'm Lacey, and my fiance is Gerry. We got engaged in July 2011.

    When we initially got engaged we wanted October 2012.  But after doing our homework and learning how much the wedding and honeymoon we wanted was realistically going to cost us, and given that we are paying for everything on our own, we knew that there's no way we'd be able to pull off 2012, so we pushed it to October 2013.  However, now that 2013 is quickly approaching and we have yet to save a single cent towards the wedding due to other financial priorities, 2014 is looking more realistic... we hope.

    We aren't will to sacrafice the kind of wedding we want.  We get a lot of "just go elope somewhere" or "why don't you just have a courthouse and cake n' punch wedding" when we explain why we are waiting, but we simply do not want that for us. Period.  It's not that we want a super fancy platinum barbie dream wedding, but we do want nice food, open bar, a good photographer and videographer, etc. etc. and that stuff adds up even when you aren't spending top dollar and cutting corners elsewhere. So therefore, we are willing to wait for it, even though every single day I am a little sad inside about the fact that I have no idea when we'll be able to.
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    1)  I'm Ellen G - will be Ellen K when all is said and done (after October 11th 2014)
    2)  I got engaged last week (May 8th 2012) in PARIS!
    3)  We're waiting to save up to pay for the wedding AND buy our second home so we're going to wait - plus there are some venues here that book really far ahead so I want to make sure I get my dream location!

    It seems so far ahead right now but I know it'll be here soon enough!
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    Hi Im Theresa and my fiance is Zachary :)

    We got Engaged 2 weeks ago (May 12, 2012) on a boat!!!
    We initially wanted a 2013 wedding and we are going for that goal but I think its a lot of planning  and that goal may not be reached yet.
    We are waiting to save up enough money so that way we can get what we want and not worry about little things and buy a home.

    Remember ladies, it isnt about the wedding its about the marriage !!!

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    I'm Rebecca and my fiance is Francisco.

     We got engaged February 14, 2012, (cliche I know).

    We're holding off until 2014 because we just had a baby on January 31, 2012, I need the time to lose all this baby weight! We are paying for everything ourselves, and need the time to save for a wedding and for our first home.
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm Brittney and my fiance is Brandon.

    We got enagaged in April 2012 and are hoping to get married Oct 2014!

     We are waiting because we met in college and are currently living in different areas due to jobs, family, ect. We are waiting to get married because we want to help with the wedding expensies so we are saving. We want to get settled finacially and figure out where we are going to live before we start really planning. My FI is trying to become a police officer so as of right now we could end up anywhere!

    I'm glad im not the only one who has a long enagement :-)
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    Hello! I'm excited to join this thread.

    My name is Victoria and my fiance's name is Michael.

    We got engaged on May 18th, 2012 (for my birthday, basically)  and are planning on October 12, 2014  as our official wedding date.

    We're waiting so long because both of us just recently graduated college (him in December, me just in May) and we will have to pay for a large majority of the wedding ourselves. Also we both still live at home with our respective parents (just down the street from each other...) and we would ideally like to buy a house before the wedding. So... that is two HUGE monitary roadblocks that we need to face. Thankfully he has a great job, but I haven't been so lucky in the search. Until I get a steady job we can't really do anything.  Waiting two and a half years is not only more realistic for us, but the date is pretty much perfect too 10-12-14! 
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    1. Annabelle T.
    2. We got engaged on August 31st 2011
    3. The main reason why we are waiting so long to get married is because we have to pay for our wedding ourselves. We both just started our nursing program. My fiance is working but only part time because of school now. We first decided on May 2011 but then decided we probably can't get married til after we're done with school which is June for him and August for me. Since we didn't want to wait another year, we decided on October. :)
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    1. Nicole H
    2. Sept 14, 2012 ... he proposed on my birthday :)
    3. We're waiting to 2 years (10/2014) because we still don't have our own place together so thats a first priority and we'd like some time to save up so we can stay on budget more comfortably.  Its killing me to wait so long but priorities first!  Plus it gives us plenty of time to look at places and really decide which one we like best.
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    1. I'm Suzanne and my fiance is Chris
    2. We got engaged on our first year anniversary last month :)
    3. We are waiting because we are paying for everything. We are wanting to have our honeymoon in Japan and we are making a lot of stuff for the wedding and the venue we want is going to be the most expensive thing for our wedding so we want to make sure we have all the money for that and some. We are also looking to buy a house before the wedding so it will take a bit of money before we can even put a down payment (looking to save $5,000 for the DP) We might even push our wedding back by a year so that we have everything done in advance.
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    Aisha H soon to be O We got.engaged September 2012 Waiting until October 2014 to enjoy the engagement and make sure that we dont go into debt since we are paying for it ourselves. If it was up to me I would get married 10/11/12. I really want a fall wedding and dont think we can do it financially for October 2013
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    Hello! My name is Kayla and my fiance's name is Matt :)

    We got engaged officially on September 1st, 2012 

    We are waiting until October 2014 for two reasons 1. school and 2. finances. I will be graduating with my BA a year early this May, but my fiance's engeneering program doesn't end until late August 2013. We both decided that it would be best for us to be done with school and working full time before we get married. This also gives us more time to save up!  We also love the beautiful October leaves and want to have an outdoor fall wedding. 
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    1. Sabrina F.
    2. Our engagment was October 28, 2012...
    3. Fiance will be graduating hopefully before fall semester or January of 2015. We both didnt want to wait and have a long engagment with out a date in mind.

    We picked October 26 2014 because it was the last sunday of october he proposed to me. We both live in south miami, so weather is typically the same every year or with a storm super chilly. I thought i wanted a june wedding until i thought of all the food we could eat according to the fall season. ;)
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    Hello everyone

    I'm new here I've been on here sicne my fiance' proposed on September 8th 2012. I was so shocked and so happy honestly I was startign to wonder if he would ever propose. On september 16th we celebrated our 6 year anniversary of dating. I didn't relaize until the other day their was a board for october brides of 2014. Needless to say I have been a plainning girl it comes with being a virgo I think. Our date is set for October 04 2014. We go to a tasting November the 13th at our final choice for our venue with both our parents gettign to attend. We ahve picked out our colors which our Blue and brown  the theme of our wedding is Fall Country the girls will be in long borwn dresses with blue sashes and the Matron of honor in blue with a brown sash I have six girl total my amtron of honor is been my long time friend since the forth grade, next in line is my close cousin, third is my good friend christina and fourth is amanda fifth is my fiance's sister and 6th is his aunt who has been a big part of our relationship. the girls will ahve the option of wearing brownor blue cow girl boots or high heels. The guys will be in black tuxes with brown vests and blue ties besides the best man will be in a blue vest with a brown tie my fiance will be in a black tux with a lace looking vest and a blue tie since i plain on my dress being lace and having a blue sash to some what match the rest of the party. all things are of course subject to change but i doubt it lol. We also have two junior ushers and one lead usher which are from his family and mine, one guest book attendant who is his cousin, many readers of scripture to involve certain people, our flower girl is our niece maddie who i have had the great pleasure of being aorund since she was nine months old and our ring bearer is our friends son who is a doll. Just some information about our wedding I hope everyoen is enjoyign there's as I am mine. good luck with you all and i look forward to reading about your progress.

    Tricia frederick soon to be Coval
    wedding taking place in augusta missouri
    and reception in Ofallon Missouri
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    Hi everyone! I wasn't sure there would be many people posting in the October 2014 boards- glad I'm not the only one taking a TON of time to plan!

    1. I'm Tana S. Will be Tana L. in two years!
    2. We got engaged Christmas morning 2012, in front of our tree in our first little apartment together. :D
    3. My FI and I both just graduated college, and had a beautiful baby girl. :) We're working on paying down our loans and raising our daughter, as well as (slowly) saving up for a wedding. We waited years to even start dating- I think we can wait a few more to officially seal the deal. <3
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    keochankeochan member
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    I'm Amber

    We just got engaged on November 24th, so it's only been about 2 weeks.
    We're waiting until after I finish my BA next fall and have to time find a higher paying job to lessen the finanical burden. We're doing a small wedding, only about 65 people, but it's a Doctor Who inspired wedding. So our colors and decorations are going to be slightly (not overly!) DW themed. Which means a lot of stuff is going to be DYI and 2 years makes it seem more managable.
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    Jusy got engaged on 12/11. We are waiting for a couple of different reasons. One FI's family is all in different states and are already coming for a wedding this year. And money is definitely a reason to wait. Need to save save save
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    Hi everyone!  

    1. I'm Kara R.
    2. We got engaged 1/3/13 - still in shock! 
    3. We are waiting until 2014 because I really wanted an October wedding and October 2013 is wayyy too soon! I'm also in my last semester of graduate school and must complete my masters thesis before I can really concentrate on wedding planning without guilt. Undecided 

    Happy Planning October brides! 
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    I see. I know there are at least 2 other people who are crazy enough to want more than 2 years to plan something like this!  So, who are you, when did you get engaged, and why on earth are you waiting so long to get married?

    My Answers:

    1. Erika
    2. 12/27/2012, almost three weeks!
    3. My fiance and I are both in grad school. I am finishing this year and he will be finishing this summer. We want to find full time jobs so we can help pay for the wedding of our dreams and not just settle. October is one of our favorite months and 2013 is WAY too soon so we are going for 2014.

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    1. Brianna
    2. 12/20/2012
    3. We want to find jobs and have some money saved up for the big day. We do not want to go into extreme debt for the wedding. Plus with school loans we want to be able to start off on the right foot with a budget and such
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_october-2014-weddings_planning-aheadwith-vengeance?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:b65bfbe8-5f94-4b5f-8c03-c96f91929372Discussion:00d11cd8-92f5-4ffe-8ae0-7fea5676261fPost:139edb5b-efc3-4051-b097-b669e7ec37b4">Planning ahead......with a vengeance!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]  So, who are you, when did you get engaged, and why on earth are you waiting so long to get married?
    Posted by Fraidycat6[/QUOTE]

    1. I'm Christin S.
    2. I got engaged last June after dating my FI for 10 years.  We met in undergrad, he then got his Ph.D. in Chemistry and then began his career.
    3a. To save money for the wedding.
    3b. I am going to be doing a lot of DIY because I know what I like and what I want, and because it's a blast, soI want time to do things right.
    3c. Most venues and vendors book 1-1.5 years out for Oct. weddings.
    3d. I just don't want to try and plan and organize a wedding in a year or less. . . I don't need that stress.

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    Hello, so I'll officially introduce myself: 1. My name is Christine C. soon to be Christine C.R. and my fianc is Scott. 2. Got engaged August 20th, 2014 i proposed to him ;p 3. We set the date originally for 2016 because I thought I might go to law school but I decided I had no money for it so we moved the date up. Now we are just taking it easy and getting everyone prepared to see us get hitched!
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