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Has anyone started looking at invitations? I just ordered 5 free well 1 each with free shipping at weddingpaperdivas.com. My mom who lives out of state will be in town for Thanksgiving and I thought it would be nice to have samples to show her. Has anyone started anything yet for your wedding besides browsing? My wedding is 10/4/14

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    Invitations might be the only thing I haven't looked at. I've looked at cakes, flowers, caterers, photographers and am looking at venues next weekend. My wedding is 10/18/2014, but I'm so afraid if being unprepared. I guess it's better to plan earlier in the game than later! Everybody I've talked to says they wished they would've started planning more than a year in advance.
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    I might sound crazy since me and my FIs wedding is 10/4/14, but we already booked the venue and reception, and I bought my dress, veil, and headpiece this weekend (i tried it on a month ago and I knew it was the one. plus it was on sale this weekend only so i had to go for it!) We also have an appointment in a couple weeks to meet with photographers/videographers. I can't help myself- I'm sooo excited! I feel so much better now that the date/venue are locked down! I know we have slightly under 2 years, but I was so afraid that if we waited too long the venue we wanted wouldn't be available for our date. I'm so happy that we have already taken care of some of the big things so we have plenty of time to decide on everything else :) Good luck planning!

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    Our wedding is also 10/04/2014 I to have already got the venue and church locked in where meeting with the videographer to lock in our date this week and the photogrpaher is locked in i know what you mean you jsut feel better once you get stuff done. I haven't gotten my dress yet because i'm trying to lose weight before the wedding. I have looked at invitations but we went with Savvi Formal wear for the guys and they had a deal that if you went with them all our guys got 35 dollars off their rental the goorm jsut had to pay for the vest tie and shoes but since where using cow boy boots they deducted some money off, plus in the deal it included 25% off the girls dresses at the ultimate bride here in Missouri and also invitations where free if we jsut bought our response cards through them. I wish you all the best on your big day. I'm sure they will all be beautiful
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    I found a Groupon for Vistaprint, for $25, you get $100 worth of their wedding products.

    They come up all the time, so keep your eyes peeled if interested.

    Happy planning :)

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    I have been looking at everthing too, but still haven't nailed down a venue.  I want to get that out of the way first, before finalizing anything else.
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