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My beau and I are looking doing a masquarade handfasing on Halloween night...so I would love any ideas you ladys might have for how working Trick-or-Treating into the reception for the munchkins.

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  • Hi there. My fiance and I are having our wedding in October of 2014 as well. I have been brainstorming about the trick-or-treating idea as well. One idea I found is to have favors for the child attendies with goodies inside. We were also throwing the idea around about having trick-or-treating stations with people in costume, but that could equal $$$ unless you could recruit a few willing family or friends :)
  • My wedding is on Halloween day of October 31,2014. I was thinking if having a candy bar with all different kinds of Halloween candy. We figured that the guests will enjoy filling up goodie bags for themselves especially our little guests. I'm aiming to try and get a photo booth so guests can take pictures with costume props and keep the photos as a keepsake as well it will serve as a wedding favor.
  • I'm getting married on Halloween, as well! Congrats. My friends all have kids and I have a daughter, so we are doing a trick or treat hide and seek thing, where we will have goody bags filled with candy, hidden around our designated spot in our venue.
  • I am getting married on Halloween 2014 too!  I think I am going to incorporate "trick or treat" signage into our candy bar and do it that way.  If you're not in Pinterest yet, get on there, there are some really cute candy table ideas :)
  • Congrats. We are getting married Halloween 2014 as well. we are doing a candy bar.
  • I too am planning my wedding for 10/31/14 and I was thinking about doing a candy buffet with all sorts of halloween candies for our guests to take as favors.  :)

  • I'm another Hallowedding 2014.  We are doing a candy bar and photo booth for favors but we are having a adult only wedding/reception with no costumes.
  • Our wedding is October 31, 2014 and instead of doing the normal sit down or buffet style food we are doing different food stations(candy, popcorn, taco, burger, pretzel, rootbeer floats). I figure not only does that save money but it would be a fun for everyone. I personally hate fancy food.
  • Im getting married Halloween 2014. Am thinking along the same lines as all of you. Am going to have a candy buffet and a fun desert bar. There will be a few kids at our wedding so will get them some activity packs as well. May ask Family (mum and dad reallY) to bring some bags of halloween candy that we dont have where we live :)

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  • We are doing a Hallowedding too! We love Nightmare Before Christmas so there will be lots of black and dark but classic themes going on. Candy bar will be going on as well :)
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