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Might have got my venue nailed down....but...

Sturbridge Host hotel and conference center (sturbridge MA) is where we've pretty much settled on (no deposit yet but contract is coming in tomorrow) and we've seen a lot of reports on yelp and expedia etc about there being clenlyness issues with the rooms and especially bathrooms where people were finding mold. There's enough of these reviews that makes me worry a bit, but when we were there yesterday it looked really clean, and the bathrooms we saw were clean as well with no mold. 

Has anyone else had their wedding here or stayed here recently? Many of the reviews that mention this are a bit older, and I know they have a new GM as of either early this year or late last year.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to bridge this topic with the hotel staff? I don't want to be too attacking about it, but I don't want mold in my guests bathrooms, especially not when many of them are used to 1st class accommidations and they are already settling on coming to this venue at all.

Re: Might have got my venue nailed down....but...

  • I would ask them about it and see if there is anything on file with the health inspector in the area. I'd imagine with multiple reviews online, they must have had the question pop up before and should be more than willing to ease your mind that the issue has been corrected. On a side note, I have a wicked mold allergy and if there were active mold, I would be completely miserable staying there longer than 20 minutes. Maybe just say you read reviews online about mold issues, say you have a guest w/ severe allergies and you want to make sure they'll be comfortable while staying there. Do NOT worry about catering to those who are used to first class accommodations. This is your day; enjoy yourself and be happy with where you decide to have the reception. Good luck...keep us posted with how you make out!
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  • I just went to a wedding at Publick House in Sturbridge, MA. You can check them out....absolutely gorgeous grounds.
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  • Publick House is beautiful, sadly i've got a group of 300-350, and sturbridge host is the only place in the area that can do that indoors without it being in a barn, which isn't my cup of tea.

    The next place that can host a group that size is an hour from the ceremony site, so i'm kind of stuck, unless the mold issue turns out to be an actual issue, in which case i'll have to go with the places that are an hour+ away.
  • You will probably have more luck posting this on your local board. :)
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