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Oh, colors.

I realize that I have two years until the big day, but I really want to lock in colors. With an October wedding, I'm really into deep purple and burnt orange; however, I feel like I'd like to have black as the main color and incorporate the other two colors in the flowers and decor. My mother thinks it will look like a funeral... Needless to say, that doesn't excite me. The darker colors feel romantic and warm to me. Do you think it's possible to use a color scheme like this and it not result in looking morbid and dreary?

Re: Oh, colors.

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    You could always throw in a yellow or a gold to brighten it up a little if you feel you need it. Im having the hardest time picking colors too. Im trying not to make it my main focus at the moment since it is 2 years away but i just cant help it! Lol
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    Personally, I'm using plum, burgundy, and tangerine.  The plum and burgundy are fairly dark, but the tangerine really pops alongside them!

    I don't think incorporating black would be a bad thing at all.  Maybe just have it be a little more evenly used with the other colors you choose? That's just me, though. Remember, this is YOUR wedding, not ours, or your mother's. :)
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    I'm having a really hard time with colors as well. I'm not having any bridesmaids (only my brother as my "Man of Honor" or whatever), so I don't have to worry about dress colors. All of the men will be in black suits or tuxes (haven't decided yet), so obviously black will be a big color for our wedding. I'd like some sort of orange, but I don't want it to be too bright, so I'm thinking a dark orange and maybe a red? I don't know yet. I keep going back and forth a lot. At least there's still time. :)
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    I'm doing deep purple with black and white. My FH was resistant at first but when I described my vision to him (and found a good picture), he got on board and has been really happy with the colors ever since. So maybe if you can find a picture of something similar to what you see in your head. Some people just don't have a good imagination and need to see the colors. 
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    I too have chosen an October wedding and initially decided on just black and white for colors. But now I have added red and silver as accent colors. Black shows simplicity. It's classic and goes with literally everything! Stick to your guns!
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    I am on the same boat! Choosing colors has been fun but it's not easy. Since my FH and I are huge fans of the fall, we will probably be going with burgundy, gold and ivory. The ivory would really pop against the burgundy and gold.

    Black is a beautiful color and it can go with anything! Since October has Halloween, black is a great color to include. Remember, it's YOUR wedding day! You want it to be something you will remember always, something that YOU created.
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    We decided on black, white and purple. I want to add little specks of teal in the flowers too. Not a lot but just a few hints of it. Laughing
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