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SEEKING HELP! Fun Ideas to get folks to mingle!

I am planning a very fun and lively reception!  My fiance and I relish in the idea of our cultural differences!  And, dig the things that are alike!  

I want our guests to mingle and have fun!  So far I am planning to do a Soul Train-like Scramble Biard.  We are giving away prizes that are based on me and my FI's fav toys when we were kids.  The music is pretty mixed so there will be something for everybody!  

I saw somewhere that guests were given a button with another guests' middle name or nickname.  The object is to find who has yours!  I think I will just do cards not buttons!

Any other clever ideas to get folks mingling besides a trough of tequila!?

Re: SEEKING HELP! Fun Ideas to get folks to mingle!

  • I've heard of people doing "ask me about" tags instead of nametags.  So my tag might read, "ask me about teacher education, smoking meat, or NPR."  You might have guests make their own "ask me about" tags, or you and your fiance could make them for people (which could be hilarious, though a lot of work)
  • Nametags is cool but it would be better if everybody can understand one another so if everyone knows English as their second language, they can use it to interact with other guest. You can also held an activity that can make everybody know one another such as self introduction but it can take much time.
  • I like the Bingo game where the board is something about someone (or multiple people) at the wedding. Each person has to walk around with their board and talk to everyone to find someone who matches each square. When they complete the row/column (or entire board!) they win a prize! IE. the boxes will say things like "has lived in 3 countries", "plays guitar in a band", "went to NYU", "speaks German fluently", etc. You can customize the boxes so that there is at least one person who matches!
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