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Okay, I've got a question about jumping the broom. Help please!

It's tradition in my fi's family to jump the brrom, and it's important to him  so we're totally going to do it. BUT... I've never been to a wedding where I've seen it done or anything and I'm not sure to ask. I talked to fi, but he's a guy, and he hasn't been to a wedding in like 20 years.

First off, is there any particular way I should or shouldn't decorate it? He said ribbons and flowers, but I wasn't sure if any of that had any specific symbolism or anything. I'm thinking not, but want to make sure.

Second, who carries the broom into the ceremony? Does it matter? We're having a very small Vegas wedding, so we won't have a chance to stash it up front ahead of time, so I thought maybe my son could carry it in since he's standing up with me and will walk in with the bridesmaids but will have empty hands. And who puts it down for us? Fi wants his groomsmen to do it, but a lot of the online stuff says stuff about the moms or something. Is that the norm, or does it not matter?

Third, I've seen some poems/explanations and such to be read at the ceremony online, but I can't really find one I like. If anyone has done it and could share theirs, or has any good links, it would be appreciated. I'm pretty sure everyone there will know what's going on since it's a small group, so we'll probably just skip it if I don't find anything. I'm looking for something non-religious since we're atheists, but I can likely rewrite the right poem/saying.

If there is anything else this white girl is forgetting about it, please share as well. Thanks all!
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Re: Okay, I've got a question about jumping the broom. Help please!

  • Jumping the broom is a wonderful tradition to incorporate into your wedding; I can't think of a wrong way to do it since ribbon is the most appropriate (and forgiving) item used to decorate with.

    As for what to do with it, could you maybe give it to your FI snd he could just put it down next to him while the ceremony is going on.

    I can't think of any poems hun; sorry. I'm not trying to incorporate them into my wedding because I can't find anything even moderately close to my taste.

    What do you think?
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  • Yeah, most wedding-type poems seem to be so corny, but the officiant apparently wants to say something, and I wanted to find something tasteful. I think I'll just go without. My general opinion is that less is more usually, but our ceremony is going to end up being about 2 minutes long at this rate! More time for the reception, I guess.

    Thanks much for your input! I'm still looking for the broom and for ribbons in my colors, so I have some time to figure out how I want it on there. Fi just said get some ribbons and flowers and decorate the crap outta that thing. He won't be asked to help with that project! Smile 
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  • See if there is something you can use on Etsy; I swear there's everything there and then some.

    What does your dress look like?
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  • I saw this one on Etsy and loved it; may not be your taste but if you're looking, it's the place to go!
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  • I think I like that one. Does it have feathers on it? I was thinking of using feathers in the bouquets, and never thought of using them on the broom.

    I don't have my dress yet, but have been looking and think I have one picked out. It's definitely going to be blue though. I look too pasty in white or ivory, and fi's fave color is light blue. So the wedding colors will be that blue and an orange since that's my fave color.

    Thanks bunches! I'll have to check out etsy a bit and see what I find!
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  • My FI loves the idea of us jumping the broom (mainly cuz he saw the movie and loves it!). So we're looking for a broom. I will def check out Etsy!
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    If you're going to DIY it, I would do a quick google image search. One of the pics may even have a link to a website with more info on it regarding the meaning, traditions, etc. which may help you understand it a bit more and find a way to incorporate something you find into a reading. 
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