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Inter-racial cake topper

I am trying to find a nice wedding cake topper that has a sandy-blond Caucasian groom and a dark-haired Latina bride. All I am finding are really cheap looking items and would love for it to be something more elegant. I am hoping for something along the lines of glazed porcelain. Our hope is to have it showcased in our home after we are married. If anyone knows of a site or vendor who can help, please, please let me know!

Re: Inter-racial cake topper

  • The ones I have found also look a bit cheesy, so I think I want to look for more of a silhouette.....that way we don't have to show race via cake topper!  Or, you can always look at a silver monogram cake topper, which can always nicely go on your wall after.  Anyway, not a lot of help but I thought if you were having problems finding what you want there are some elegant alternatives. :)
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  • Lots on Etsy!

    Most sellers custom make them so you can request any type of bride or groom or even have them made to your likenesses.

  • I'm going with flowers on my cake. I got frustrated because their were so many cute options if the couple is the same race. We are having a basketball themed wedding and their is a cute topper with a couple playing basketball in wedding clothes. You can't order it with an interracial couple :(. I'm Irish, French and Native American with VERY Irish skin and he's African American, Cape Verdean and Portuguese. Hard to find cake toppers that look like us
  • I found mix and match cake toppers!  Pick you bride, pick your groom!  I was sooo excited when they offered the bald White guy topper!  

    They are very nice and not cheesy!  If you are interested and haven bought any yet, lemme know!

    They don't have a Black bride with dredlocs, though!  Dang!  They are more symbolic and I am happy to have the choice!  I would have just done flowers or a monogram if I hadn't found them!  

    Actaully, let me dart out, get the link and post it! 
  • AH!  Here we go!  Interchangrable, inter racial cake toppers!!

  • Check out the Knot Shop - I am getting an interracial cake topper for my wedding this September.
  • My fiance and I are using our old on-line game characters for our cake topper. We met through the game and college. I knew a friend who had just finished an art degree, was teaching art classes at a private college to make it for us.
  • Try wedding star. They have ones you can pick individually.
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