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How to tell someone they're not invited when they're your BFF?

So my FI and I are having our wedding in another state (where my FI grew up).  We are having a budget wedding, so we're just inviting our family.  However, my best friend assumed she was going to be invited (even though i told her it would be just familoy and it was in another state), and she's really excited for it...however, I feel like it would be best if she didn't come because she won't know anyone there and I think it would be awkward for her, and I also think I would feel like I would have to stay by her side the whole wedding so she won't feel lonely. 

I mentioned to her she may feel a little awkward since none of my other friends are coming...and she just said "yeah, it might be"...I thought maybe she wouldn't come.  Also, she is trying to push for me to invite another friend, but I dont' realy have another really close friend...and I don't want the prices racking up.  My BFF who I'm trying to let know it's JUST family is very sensitive, so I'm not sure how to tell her she's not invited...
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