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Do you write out the name of the state?

Do you write Florida or FL?

I know you write out the word street, drive, ect... wasn't sure about the state

Re: Do you write out the name of the state?

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    Yup write out state names.

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    Thanks!  I already did three with the abbreviations, but no big deal for the rest I will write out the name.
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    You write out everything on a wedding invitatation envelope except Mr and Mrs.
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    Like dress codes on invitations, this is a rule I think should change. I'd rather a better chance of my invitations arriving on time and properly than follow the old rule.

    PPs have correctly stated what the etiquette books still say.
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    I finished the rest with the state spelled out.  I actually think it looks a lot nicer like that anyways.
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    JoJo - I've seen a few of your posts and thought you smelled like a vendor.  This one confirms it (now that I've seen the hidden link) and the fact that dress designs have NOTHING to do with whether or not to spell out the states on invitations.

    Goodbye, JoJo.
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