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I hope it is ok to ask this.  I am just getting ready to print my DIY invites and wondering if some of you would proofread them for me and give me any tips.  Thanks for any help you can provide!

It is below - I had issues formatting it in this box.  Thanks

Re: Proofreading help

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    This day I will marry my best friend

    Together with their families
    Invite you to their marriage
    on May 6th at 12pm at the Wormsloe Historic Plantation
     An afternoon lunch will be served at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House at 2pm  
  • First, you need to edit your post to take our your real names. And change the font.

    Unless you're short on room your invite should look like this:

    This day I will marry my best friend

    Together with their families
    BrideFirst Middle Last
    GroomFirst Middle Last
    invite you to their marriage
    Thursday, the sixth of May
    at twelve o'clock in the afternoon
    Venue City, State

    Reception to follow at...

    Otherwise if you keep it the way you have it, Invite should not be capitalized, you should definitely include the day of the week, no abbreviations on the time, and the city and state of your venue are needed.

  • I'm being nitpicky, but drop the "in the afternoon." Twelve o'clock is noon, not afternoon. Otherwise, Kristin's suggestion is exactly how I would word it.

  • I think "marriage" sounds weird here. TO me, marriage is the institution, but wedding is the ceremony. The wedding is the ceremony that signifies the beginning of the marriage.

    But I guess that's just my connotation.
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    Thank you for all of the tips!!  I really appreciate it!
  • I know the "This day I will marry my best friend" is something you want up there but the tenses are making me nuts.  Would you be OK removing it?
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