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When to send invitations?

Everything I've seen on the boards says to send out invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding. I was looking at my planner on TK which says to send invitations at the 3 month mark. I'm so confused. What works best? And when do I have RSVPs due back by? Thanks for your help!

Re: When to send invitations?

  • Nah, 6-8 weeks is right.  If you send them out 3 months in advance, your guests will toss 'em on the counter and they'll get buried in the shuffle.

    Your RSVP date depends on when you need your final count to your caterer.  So if you need your final numbers in, say, Feb 14th, then I'd say Feb 1 is a safe RSVP date.  Gives a few days for last-minute responses to come in, plus time for you to make calls to anyone who didn't RSVP.
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