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Anyone using Evites?

 I wanted to do all evites (we are trying to have a "green" wedding), but there is so much pressure to do formal invites.  I think we are only doing evites for all our friends and younger guests and getting invitations made out of recycled materials for our older guests.

Does anyone recommend a good evite site?  I have never done one.

Re: Anyone using Evites?

  • Evites are very casual and very impersonal.  I've only ever received Evites to keggers.
  • Evites are really casual as others have said. If you want your guests to dress for a formal event, you have to send a formal invite.

    While your 20-something friends may not be phased by it, your aunts and uncles, even those who are very computer literate may not like it. A quick google search for eco-friendly wedding invitations yielded dozens of sites.
  • Thanks for all your posts! I think I am going to stick with formal invitations for everyone but my friends (who are more likely to check their email than their regular mail). 
  • It's your wedding, your evites should be what you want. And especially the ones you can write yourself are WAY more personal than paying someone an ungodly amount of money to make and have them have nothing to do with you and your partner.

    It's your day, as long as everyone gets there, does it matter that much how they got invited? :) Stick with your instincts, and don't let people try to coerce you into spending extra time and money for something if you don't really want it.

    Stay strong! :)
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