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Return Address - What names?

Hi! I am figuring out my envelopes for invites right now. What should be in the return address? Should it have both of our first names (we live together now), just mine, just the address? Thanks!
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Re: Return Address - What names?

  • I used our first names and our address. A little less formal that I would have wanted, but I wanted a stamp we could use post wedding
  • You can do just your first names with the address, or your first and last names with the address, or even "The Bride - Groom Wedding" with the adress. 
  • Are you talking about the respond envelope with the RSVP or the return address on the outer back flap of the invitation envelope?

    If it's for the respond envelope, you can put:

    Smith-Jones Wedding
    Street Address
    City, State Zip

    If it's for the return address, no names are necessary; just use the address.
  • You use the address of whoever is on the top line of your invitations.

    If the bride's parents' names are on the top line of the invitation, then the invitation is coming from the bride's parents.  It's the bride's parents who are requesting the guests' presence at the wedding.  So the return address on the outside envelope is your parents' address, and the address on the RSPV card's envelope is your parents' address.

    If your name and FI's name is on the top line of the invitation - so you and FI are somehow going to do all the hosting duties prior to the wedding and at all the wedding events, then you and FI are issuing the invitations, and the return address should be yours.
  • Oh! I thought you meant the Response Address, not return address.

    The Return Address should list whoever is hosting the wedding. It can also just be an address with no name. 
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