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RSVP with transportation?

Any recommendations on (short) wording to get a count on if guest will be using transportation/bus between hotel and ceremony/reception site? 

We do not need to include entree choices on our RSVP, so was giong to use this space to get an apporximate count of who will be using the shuttle bus to ensure we have a big enough bus...and likewise, not a bus too big.

Re: RSVP with transportation?

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    I think you can do it this way, but if you can wait a bit longer, I might just contact people who book using your hotel block (which you should know by 3-4 weeks out) and ask them individually.
  • Ditto PP.  I think I would wait until people have RSVPed and then contact them personally to see if they'd like to use that service.  

    How are you using the transportation?  We had a shuttle going strictly from the hotel to the venue (we were married and had the reception at the same site) and since they were only ten minutes apart, we just had it "continuously" running before the ceremony and after dinner.
  • I agree with PPs. We're doing transportation as well, but thought that people may not know whether or not they'd use it 10 weeks out when invites were sent.

    I'd wait to get RSVPS in and then contact everyone individually. Bus/shuttle rental places should be able to "hold" a shuttle for you and then wait for final counts. That's what we've done.
  • We sent a separate Transportation RSVP card with our invitations.  I will tell you that 96% RSVP'd yes to the bus and every one of them were on it.
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